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What you would find out if you were sitting next to me at dinner:

I’m a listener. I want to hear your story because I care and am truly intrigued by the layers of other people’s lives. I am open, nonjudgmental and thoughtful in my conversations and work with others. I want to know where you come from as well as understand your energy, passions and ‘stuck places.’

I am inspired by people that are searching, eager to grow and honest about themselves. I relish deep conversation, especially topics that focus on the human spiritual experience. I appreciate humility and am fascinated by the wholeness of a person. If we were to work together, I would want to know about your physical health, thought patterns, beliefs, emotional experiences and spiritual place in the world. There are no wrong answers, and you will find out quickly that I pass no judgment about your history. I have experienced and seen it all, and have learned that we all have something to teach each other.

I am passionate beyond belief about transformation, psychological imprinting, spiritual searching, the afterlife, animals, Mother Earth and the wonder of children. I love hearing about connections and life meaning and, in fact, did research connecting both to wellness in my doctoral program. The results were that they all influence the other positively. BIG TIME.

Colors and birds make me happy . . . I am obsessed with hawks and spiritual signs . . . and I love to celebrate life with live music, dancing and hosting dinner parties. I have a quick wit, a soft presence and a love for the sea. I insist on open mindedness, crave to know more and am obsessed with new adventures.

You’ll hear be talk about my ‘former lives,’ and while I believe fully in past lives, I am actually referring to the multiple people I’ve been in THIS life. I have been a grade school teacher, a Bible study leader, a baseball wife, a Southern belle, a survivor of abuse, a fundraiser, a single lady, a PR consultant, a personal manager, a therapist, a writer, an educator, a researcher, an author, a volunteer, a wife, a trauma specialist, a mother of three, a fighter for a medically fragile child, a blogger, a college professor, a healer, a spiritual communcator and a mother of 2 golden retrievers and 1 rescue dog.

I am known for teaching master’s students how to be counselors, teenagers how to follow their hearts, and grown-ups how to meditate themselves into a place of beautiful peace. I have spoken in front of thousands as well as sat in countless sacred spaces with one. I love leading with prayer (if requested), finishing with laughter and dancing on the couch with my kids when I get home.

While I was raised in a conservative Christian family (Lutheran, then Pentacostal), with a mother who became a Presbyterian minister, I have found myself living a life of spiritual openness and acceptance of all faiths, aligning myself with the true teachings of Christ (with a little Buddha on the side). I believe in the individual spiritual journey and love helping people to find the lit path to their own, unique spiritual journey.

I think you’ll like me, but if you don’t, I’m okay with that. Everything happens exactly as it should.

My Brief Bio:

Dr. Karin Luise is a sought after counselor, author, educator and inspirational speaker with specialties in spirituality, resilience, and women’s issues. She is the co-author of the The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understanding Our Losses and Reclaiming Our Lives.

doctor karin luise and her book

Dr. Karin is a featured blogger for The Huffington Post as well as on her own site. She has been featured on a wide range of media discussing fatherlessness and an array of psychological and lifestyle issues. These include Redbook, The Jenny McCarthy Show, Huffington Post Live, The Atlanta Journal & Constitution and FoxNews, CNN.com, the Examiner, OMRadio and many others.

Combining decades of work in the educational, spiritual, and clinical fields, along with a host of transformational life experiences, Dr. Karin works and teaches from a holistic perspective. She recognizes that the mind, body, emotions and spirit work together to create the state of whole body health, or dis-ease, for each person.

Dr. Karin started her professional journey as an elementary and middle school teacher, earning her Early Childhood Education degree from Wesleyan College. Years later, after trying her hand in television, fundraising and PR, she followed her calling as a therapist and earned her doctorate in Counseling Education & Practice from Georgia State University, focusing on Adult Lifespan Transitions.

Dr. Karin has earned acclaim as an inspirational speaker in Atlanta and has given keynote messages at clinical, professional and private venues. She has received mentoring and teaching from leaders in her field, including Gabriel Bernstein, completing her Master Class Level I and II trainings.

As the co-author and co-founder of The Fatherless Daughter Project, she has not only found beautiful pieces of her own healing, but she is also committed to spreading that same resilience and restoration to women worldwide.

Karin joyfully resides in her Atlanta home with precocious 7 year old twins, West and Elise, miracle son, Hoyte (5) and rescue dog, Tucker. She finds her mojo doing yoga, walking under the trees and dancing in her living room to 80’s music.

Professional VITA available upon request

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