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Doctor Karin Fatherless Daughter Project Book

Own a copy of Karin's latest book. The Fatherless Daughter Project will set fatherless women on the path to growth and fulfillment by helping them to understand how their loss has impacted their lives.

“The Universe absolutely guided me to Dr. Karin. I heard her warm, authentic voice on the radio and I knew I had found a safe, open hearted place to begin my inner work. Dr. Karin is the perfect balance of skilled, experienced professional and gracious, genuine, peaceful inspiration.

She is teaching me how to grow from this moment forward, and I hope to one day feel the same force and beauty she has grown for herself.”

- Traci, Professional Dog Trainer

“When Dr. Karin walks into a room, everyone feels the powerful energy illuminating from her. I was fortunate enough to meet her and hear her incredible story of vulnerability, courage and transformation. She truly is the ultimate warrior, one that can help a shattered spirit breakthrough and grow into a super phenomenal soul.

She is one badass, brilliant, beautiful being of light!”

- Angela Petrozzino, Luminaire

“Karin is an angel on Earth. She is deeply compassionate and always gives me the wisdom and positive reassurance I need to make breakthroughs. I connect with her spiritually, which has been the biggest gift. Her meditations, prayers and energy work are incredibly healing - I always feel a sense of calm and clarity when we finish a session. I feel so lucky I found her!”

- L., Celebrity client

“Dr. Karin Luise is an elixir for people who want to fully live. A mixture of hard science and spirituality, this coach will help you win your gold by turning your mindset into a gift set.”

- Joey Reiman, Thinker + Chairman & Founding CEO

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About Doctor Karin

Dr. Karin Luise is an award-winning author and sought after Transformational Coach and Speaker. She helps individuals find freedom and power on their soul’s pathway by firing up alignment, authenticity and passion. Karin helps people ignite their soul’s purpose as she works with select private clients, corporations, and groups through personal appearances, online courses and one-on-one elite coaching.

She is the host of the popular “The Dr. Karin Show” at The Lighter Side Network in Atlanta. Her show focuses on heart-centered living, expanding the soul and creating an authentic life. Dr. Karin offers motivational teaching, channeled meditations, and life-inspiring interviews with leading-edge visionaries, spiritual teachers and awakened thought leaders.

Dr. Karin co-authored the award-winning book The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understanding Our Losses and Reclaiming Our Lives (2016; Avery Press: Penguin Random House). She writes a regular column, “Ask Dr. Karin” in Southern Seasons Magazine and is a featured blogger for The Huffington Post. She shares inspiration, products and coursework at to light the fire within each of us at

She has appeared on a wide range of media outlets, including Redbook, FoxNews, The Jenny McCarthy Show, HuffPost Live,, The Washington Post, The Examiner, Fox & Friends, Coffee with America, About Families, Sharecare Radio, OMTimes Radio, the Atlanta Journal & Constitution, Best Self Magazine SoulFeed, and many others.

Combining decades of work in the educational, clinical and spiritual fields, along with a host of transformational life experiences, Dr. Karin works from a holistic perspective. She recognizes that the mind, body, emotions and soul work together to create the state of whole body health for each person. Each person has a unique light to share in the world, and she helps people illuminate theirs.

Karin resides in Atlanta with her boy-girl twins and younger son, along with rescue dogs, Tucker and Tula. Her happy places are doing yoga, immersing in nature, hosting dinner parties, and dancing with her kids under disco balls in the living room.