Why I Don’t Want to Change You

What’s your WHY? Understanding your why is so important to reaping the benefits of this work. Let me explain.

Are you tired of feeling disconnected and confused?

My WHY in doing this work is knowing that most people experienced life the same way I did and need guidance back to themselves, into a life of freedom. I hear it from clients every single day. Somewhere along the way we forgot our own value – and our light was dimmed.

For some, totally turned off.

People, experiences and society have taught us to feel ashamed of who we really are, littering our souls with self-doubt and feelings of worthlessness.

We learned that to be loved, we had to be, act and speak the way others  expected us to. And so we did. Thus, we attracted a life that did not match what our souls really wanted.

For far too long this has been the story for many of us. Unintentionally for most of us, this has become an epidemic of inauthenticity on our planet.

When we live this way, we walk around filled with sadness, wearing masks to please other people. We believe we are not good enough and that we don’t deserve what we really desire, so we stuff our truth. As a result, we agree to unhealthy relationships, patterns and environments that cause us pain over and over again. It is what we have learned to do.

As the years pass, we feel emotionally fragile, psychologically beaten down and spiritually disconnected. Eventually, our mental state feels like confusion and our physical state becomes one of dis-ease.

Sound familiar? How often during your day do you either feel like you’re living outside your body (or you’re watching yourself/your life from the outside) or you feel like you’re in a constant state of stress, anxiety and/or confusion?

We suffer in all areas of our lives when we remain disconnected from the beautiful being of light that we were born to be. Because of that internal detachment and external need for approval, we never fully know what real wellness, life satisfaction and authentic abundance feels like.

We completely distrust showing up as our real selves.

This is because we have gotten in the habit of dimming our own light to please other people.

Maybe you relate to some of the things that happened to me:

Childhood abuse.

Dysfunctional home life.

Lack of love from my father.

Feeling like I never fit in at school.

Not making the team.

Being ridiculed and rejected.

Turning to alcohol and unhealthy intimacy for comfort.

Marrying two men with the same abusive qualities as my father.

Confusion. Shame. Divorce. Depression. Anxiety. Isolation. Fear. Insecurity.

Complete disconnection from who I was born to be.

What is this all about, you ask?    

These painful states were my identity for decades. Until one day, my soul opened up, and I decided to stop identifying myself by the pain.

I stopped letting my past and current circumstances define and control me.

I took my power back, and I flipped the past on its head.

Now I realize, everything brought me to my NOW – to the FIRE of my WHY. The fire came when I awakened in my 40’s and finally came back into the light of my true being. After earning a PhD., mentally understanding my past, and going through years of emotional and psychological therapy, my spiritual breakthrough happened.

And everything shifted.

I found myself hiding in fear under all the darkness of the past, waiting for someone else to ignite the pilot light in her soul.

I found the ME that remembered  SHE was the one who was meant to relight her OWN FLAME by finding the pathway back to her own Soul & Source.

I found the ME that was born to speak her truth boldly, feel connected to her real self and be proud of the road she has traveled.

And I realized as a healer, this would be the same for every person I was meant to help.

This is the WHY I do what I do. It’s for YOU.

This is the PATHWAY TO FREEDOM that was born in my heart with every step I took on my way here and is now culminated into a 7 week journey (course) that was created for anyone whose light has been dimmed and who is ready to finally flip their switch back on.

My WHY is re-igniting your true value so that you can move into the world with humongous heaps of self-esteem and the peace knowing that everything is working out for you.

My WHY is bringing you into your own power and aligning you with the precious soul you were created to be.

The YOU that WAS BOLD before anyone told them not to be.

The YOU that knows exactly who they are deep down and is ready for guidance back to the path of their true self, true greatness and true purpose in the world.

The YOU that craves a journey of fluidity and fun so that the true, wild, passionate being inside can fully expand and feel confident in a world that will shine the light of love right back on them.

Because in this sweet spot of being, the Universe can finally deliver to you all of the things that align with the REAL YOU – the well-being, relationships and true life satisfaction that are your birthright.

You see, when you are not living in alignment to your true desires, the Universe will merely respond to what you are outputting. It will deliver to you things that match your belief system and focus – even if what you focus on is something you do not want. This will continue to happen until you create a positive shift in your energy and the way you are living your life.

I am on the other side of the bridge, and I walk clients daily to their PATHWAY TO FREEDOM – It is my calling. Let me take your hand and be on the journey with you moving forward. Let me guide, support and celebrate you as you expand into the fullest version of your real self.

Not someone DIFFERENT from who you are, but EXACTLY who you were born to be. Because in right now, in 2019, you are ready to remember, and this course showed up at the perfect time.

Find out everything you want to know about The Freedom Pathway Course right here. It’s time to shed what no longer belongs to you and step into the clarity, freedom and power that are ready to be totally and completely YOURS. FOR GOOD.

It’s YOUR turn.

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