Want to Team Up with Your Angels? 6 Ways to Receive Divine Guidance

Which way should you go?

How do you know what choice to make on the big decision you are facing?

What are you going to say when you see that person again?

Every day we are faced with dilemmas that leave us with options – often creating fear and anxiety within us about making the wrong choice. What if you could learn to trust that you will ALWAYS make the RIGHT decisions, no matter what? Well, the Spirit within you knows that and wants to guide you to that Sacred Power!

We all have a spiritual team of guides, angels and loved ones that have chosen to work with us as extensions of Source/God. We are ALL extensions of the Divine, and so we all have the wisdom that creates worlds around and inside of us. And that Sacred Power creates NO WRONG CHOICES. Pretty amazing, right?! Here’s how to tap into all of that awesomeness:

  1. Check in with your spirit and your team with some quiet minutes in the morning to re-engage with divine energy and positive intention.

 Just be still, ask that the White Light of God (or whatever you see as divine) to wash over you and fill you. Ask that God, your angels and guides speak to you and through you and that you are guided throughout the day clearly. Ask that you are led to do and say those things that are for the Highest Good of YOU and for ALL. Then ask for anything specific you might need. Always end with gratitude and a moment of stillness to settle into Spirit and peace. This is like doing an AM energy shot for the soul!

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2.  Believe that every sign that SEEMS to show up for you IS for you!

Every single moment and meeting you have today is perfectly lined up to guide you along your path. Each nuance, word and ‘coincidence’ you chance upon is anything BUT coincidence. Take in the guidance that is magically lighting up and know that the LOVE of Source is being doled out to you – specifically YOU – all day, every day. Every animal, billboard, flashback, song or crazy experience that taps on your soul to tell you it’s a sign or confirmation IS JUST THAT.

3. Remember your words have CRAZY POWER! Speak from your heart with confidence. 

If you are going to ask for guidance and strength, then speak as if you are already in the zone. Do not criticize your divine self or second guess your intelligence. Remember, you were created with the wisdom of Source inside of you, so speak about what you KNOW, what you EXPECT and what you FIND PASSION IN. Lead with your heart (not ego), speaking with grace and compassion . . . and always with spiritual confidence that you are being supported. You will be constantly lining up with the clear guidance that is trying to flow into you instead of resisting it with negativity. Positive words and thoughts bring positive experiences. It’s just spiritual law.

  1. Breathe deeply and check in at the stop light.

Take a deep breath at the stop light or on the train/bus when you feel the reminder in your soul to slow down. Close your eyes for a couple of seconds and regroup by asking White Light and wisdom to flow into your vehicle and over you as you move on with your day. Let yourself smile (you do have a secret!) as you recognize the guidance that has already come your way and ask your spiritual team to continue to be around you. Again, express gratitude for their presence and for all that is still going to surprise you.

5.  Let your soul guide you toward what feels good, fun and fluid.

This is allowance of the ultimate spiritual guidance into your life! Life is supposed to be wonderful! You do not need to suffer, dwell on painful experiences or stay in a situation that feels crappy. By asking for divine guidance, you are really asking to find happiness, peace and clarity, right? Then lean into them! Have fun! Know that the clarity that you find really IS that easy! Stop looking for things to be difficult. If the first thing that you try on fits you perfectly, laugh about how easily you were guided to it! Trust that the first thing that pops on your screen REALLY IS your answer! Believe that you are meant to enjoy the ride when the opportunity for happiness shows up and GET ON!

6. Simply pay attention to the way you feel.

Your spiritual team not only speaks to you through external signs, but largely speaks to you through internal signs. Since you are One with your divine Source, your body KNOWS when something or someone is in alignment with your life. You will feel GOOD, content and eager when a situation is lining up with your true self. You will feel BAD, uneasy and fearful when a situation is NOT lining up with your true self. How so? Your spirit’s language is translated through your IMMEDIATE emotional and physical response to things (before you ‘unthink’ your own guidance). Period. Trust the guidance that exists in your gut that tells your body where to go. You will never steer the wrong way if you learn to trust your spirit’s first cue. Now go accept the super powers that belong to you and take on the day!

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