Let the Universe Know You Are Ready for Reinvention

I’ve had to reinvent my life 4 separate times. 

As in, my soul shattered into a million tiny pieces four separate times and I had to recreate who I was. Divorce, trauma and loss will do that to you. Each time, I scrambled around picking up the remnants of my former life, believing this would be the last time.

Each time I went through a reinvention, I hoped life would become easier, and I would no longer have to suffer – hadn’t I been through enough? I often wondered if God had forgotten about me. A few times, depression took hold of me and I had very little hope about moving on.

Then, another shatter would happen, at an even deeper level, and the Universe would give me the choice – are you going to keep telling the same story? Are you going to stay the Victim or let go of these unhealthy patterns and do things differently? Time after time, I chose to remain the Victim – it was all I knew. I walked around angry, feeling self-pity and complaining day after day. I was recreating my own story over and over again without realizing it.

I kept believing that life was happening TO me, instead of THROUGH me, and FOR me. I wasn’t there yet – I was stuck. I was caught in the vicious cycle of staring into the rear-view mirror, re-visiting those old, wounded places, and falling back into old habits that really do die hard. 

The third time wasn’t the charm for me. I was faced with something I never expected, and I caved completely inward.  Smack dab in the middle of a very unhealthy marriage, I gave birth to one of my biggest lessons – a medically fragile child, and my life turned upside down. Again, I clung to the victim role, was angry at God for ‘doing this’ to us and believed that we were destined to be afraid, sick and in the hospital. And so it was. For years.

Then came my 4th life shatter – which was the one that finally broke me wide open. An atom bomb went off in my life when someone close to me took her life the same month I found out I was being defrauded by my then-husband. I was rocked to my core deeper than ever before, and it turns out that shattering wide open at the deepest level was what I needed to push through to a higher soul level. 

I surrendered and reached for the heavens. As scared as I was, I had to leave my 2nd marriage with three small children and no idea what I would do next. But Spirit showed up and met me at the door of the re-creation of my new life. I was launched into a spiritual awakening of massive proportions.

Day by day, I opened to a new way of being. I took a deep dive into discovering a higher consciousness, and I learned that being a victim is a choice – and so is being happy and free. In every cell of my being, I knew I wanted to be FREE. And this time, I would do everything possible to find that.

I stopped telling the old stories and started recreating new ones, from a new positive mindset. I stopped blaming others for where I was and realized that I was the co-creator of any and all things that happened in my life. I took charge of my soul’s evolution and the truth came pouring in – like a super-galactic magic carpet ride. I was never going back.

Here’s what I KNOW NOW: We are powerful creators of our reality at all times. We live in a vibrational Universe that responds to our beliefs and feelings. Thus, suffering is a choice . . . and so is joy. To create a shift upward, we have to stop telling the same negative stories and rewire our mindset. Because when we keep staring backwards and rereading the last chapters of our lives, we do not evolve. We have a choice: stay in old soul confusion or embrace new soul evolution.

Where are you? Are you agreeing to take the easy road and do things as you were told, or take the courageous road and change

Here’s the real truth. In the re-creation of your life, things will get uncomfortable. Change is messy AF. People will judge you and get angry that you are breaking the rules. Relationships will end and tears will fall. Jobs or homes might need to change and family might not agree with any of it. 

But guess what, precious soul? It will all be worth the leap of faith because on the other side, you get the grand prize – freedom to be exactly who you were meant to be. Freedom to let go of all of the suffering and embrace the divine love that is waiting to flow to you and through you.

“In the allowance for evolution, you open portals for abundance to flow like never before.”  – Dr. Karin Luise

Because you can’t keep agreeing to what you agreed to in the past – it did not feel right in your soul. It did not serve your higher self/purpose. And if your life has shattered in any form, on any level, the Universe is presenting you with the same choice it gave me: are you going to suffer and remain the victim, or choose to create change and open the joy that you have been locking out?

Open the process of soul evolution by reconnecting to the core of who you really are – because at your core is total and complete self-love and acceptance. Source Love that is waiting to expand greater than old pain. Its POWER will override the narratives of the old you and tell a new story. One of liberation, evolution and strength. If you choose it.

It’s time to surrender and let go of the attachment to old wounds. Release being the victim who let others determine your path. Create a brand new YOU. Lean into the liberation of your soul and expect things to change NOW. At this very moment. Nothing has ever before been more possible.

The time is NOW. There is no mistake that you are reading this today. From here forward, you will know that there is no such thing as a coincidence – and that is an amazing reality!

Take this moment in time, like I did, to claim the path of your soul’s evolution. Say, “Spirit, I am ready. Reveal the Light to me and through me.  Show me the way.” Then trust that Source has met you in your place of allowance and is working everything out for you.  Then when signs, people and opportunities appear, take the inspired action to follow divine guidance.

Let the Universe know that you are ready – maybe for the first time in your life – to be who you REALLY ARE. 
And bravely reinvented.