The Power of the Hunter’s Moon

2019 may have brought you some challenges that threw you off-center and resurrected some old emotions that you are truly ready to leave behind. Personally, this happened in my life around issues with relationships, finances and my own well-being.

Can you relate?

All year, it was like “kabam 💥-kabam 💥-kabam 💥,” and not in a good way. I often felt paralyzed. When this happens in our lives, the emotional weeds that crowd out our good vibes can smother any positive growth from ripening.

Now that the weather is changing, the Fall air is telling us it is the perfect time to call in our big shift.

Release. Allow. Emerge. The October Full Moon opens a new portal of change for you.

On October 13th, we get to experience the powerful Hunter’s Full Moon. It is called this because this month the sunset and moonrise are closer together than normal, creating longer light and the best time for seasonal hunting. It is also called The Blood Moon because the moon will appear bigger and more orange than usual.

These are all signs that something super freaking powerful can happen if you tune in.

In the Old World, this is traditionally the time after the harvest is completed, leaving wide open fields under a brilliant Hunter’s Moon, illuminating all creatures and yet-to-be gathered fruits, vegetables and grains in easier sight for the final hunting and harvesting of the year.

This is important for us modern peeps because it creates a time where we can harness the energy of crisper vision, clearer connection to divine foresight and meaningful reflection over what has happened in our lives so far in 2019. We can see, gather and clear away to allow for what we truly want to create.

This is also a meaningful time to call in divine feminine energy, channeling the strength of Diana, the huntress, and Venus, the lover-mother-Goddess of all creation. In doing so, we can allow both the strength and softness that the sacred feminine can offer.

Finding this balance within you will put you at the perfect place to serve yourself, your family and those you serve in the world.

This Full Hunter’s Moon will be shining high in the sign of Aries, which is the astrological water sign of EMOTION. Because of the potency of this full moon’s energy, you can connect to a more powerful lunar experience with heightened awareness about your own emotional TRUTH and the next steps you should take.

Because the Hunter’s Moon/Blood Moon energy is so potent, the veil between the human world and the spirit world will be thinned, allowing for clearer communication between you and your spirit guides.

Let’s just say, the air will be super galactically electric and ready to deliver messages your way.

Oct. 13 is the perfect night to ask your guides and Higher Self, “How do I really feel about this?” “What should I do next?” and allow the flow of guidance to come through you. Your clarity will be on point, and your only task will be to trust the truth and awareness that is flowing.

This is when you let go of the old patterns that no longer serve your life. You will realize what is no longer working and what should be changed. The old way you’ve been doing things is SO Summer 2019!

You know that there is MORE waiting for your life, and you don’t want to wait until 2020 to find it. The time is NOW.

Are you IN for something super spectacular to happen to you during this Full Moon?

If you are feeling an expectancy in your soul reading this and would like guidance and experiences that HARNESS the POTENTIAL for a HUGE SHIFT in your life during this full moon, I have a retreat planned to bring you EXACTLY that kind of magical prescription on Oct. 13-16.

It is called WILD WONDER and is happening at The Greystone Inn at Lake Toxaway, N.C.

This retreat harnesses all that brings the sacred divine feminine into connection with herself, those around her and sacred Mother Earth.

Wild Wonder is for the YOU that wants to DANCE beside the fire, BREATHE in the wild color of transformation and CONNECT to something deeper than anything you have ever experienced.

This Full Moon experience at the Wild Wonder Retreat has these magically special gifts waiting for you:

  • The air will be ripe for accelerating the arrival of the clarity and wisdom you have been waiting for.
  • You will experience an open, sacred space of self-discovery and self-awareness to help you master the areas of your life that you desire to strengthen.
  • You will be on old Native American ground, where you will feel the energy of the Hunter’s Moon celebrations still resonate from ancient, sacred ceremonies – this will expand the energy for you personally and within the entire Wild Wonder tribe.
  • This Full Moon in Aries will open your emotions and vulnerability, leading you to inevitable personal breakthroughs.
  • You will feel a swell of self-love rise up inside you as you connect to the Sky, Earth and this Sister-Tribe of women, all on a similar journey.
  • This Aries Full Moon will help us relax, settle in and take our time throughout the 3½ day retreat to understand ourselves more deeply and move into flow and ease
  • The clarity you will receive during this extremely HIGH ENERGY moon space will amplify your power, confidence and wisdom about what steps to take next.
  • You will be a part of ceremonies, experiences and female bonding to find personal sacred expansion into who you REALLY ARE.

Wild Wonder was planned to happen exactly at this time of year, in this exact location to amplify the arrival of all that you hope to receive.

This is for women who are ready to let go of the old and say, “YES, I am ready for something NEW. I am ready to INVEST in this SEASON of CHANGE in my life!”

THIS is where your spirit will FLY FREE, your mind will CALM, and your SACRED TRUTH will be revealed.

Come, be WILD and WONDER with us. The magic is waiting for you.

Deadline to grab one of the few remaining spots to Wild Wonder 2019 is fast approaching on October 1st . Secure You Spot NOW, the Hunter’s Moon is calling you.