Client Love


I am so grateful for Dr. Karin for being with me along my journey. I’ve been through some rough places and there were times when I needed a connection and she has been there and been so loving.

I feel like I am going crazy for the things I’ve been through sometimes, and I have struggled with trust. But I can be open with her, and I appreciate her being a safe place and someone to trust. Dr. Karin is understanding, caring and open, and I am so thankful for her!

Camille, Graphic Designer


Through my coaching sessions with Dr. Karin, I find myself brought back to a sense of calm. She has helped me navigate some of the most traumatic experiences of my life thus far, as well as simple moments in my life, that at the time, feel out of hand.

She helps me find perspective and locate my center.

She also provides me tools for myself to better manage future circumstances.

D., actress


As a coach, Dr. Karin is really easy to talk to, and listening to her is very calming. She has a lot of knowledge on a lot of different things.

You know her background and that she's worked through the things that you're going through. For her to share stuff like that is what makes other people share, or feel comfortable enough to share. She is very relatable.

Naomi, Hair Salon Owner


Her willingness to help guide and share knowledge is the reason why I am finding myself in this place of determination to rise and build and help other women see their journey. I am so inspired by her - and to realize this all began when I stumbled upon her Facebook page and signed up for her course - God’s timing is right.

Her vulnerability and strength is so inspiring - she helps me to realize I too can share my story without any shame or fear. I thank Dr. Karin for sharing her life, guidance, love and gift. I am a better woman for working with her!

Felicia, Program Manager, Sold No More


Before being in a group with Dr. Karin, I wasn't aware of the idea of being at a certain frequency and being able to raise your frequency. When she explained how you attract the people that are at the same frequency you're at, that makes it clearer why I was in the relationships that I was in. That was a big thing!

Through her meditations and sound bowls, I’ve been able to feel a higher vibration, so I know what that feels like now. Also using the law of attraction and manifesting the idea of envisioning what you want as if you already have it. That was a big moment too!

Theresa, Equine Therapy Specialist


The Universe absolutely guided me to Dr. Karin. I heard her warm, authentic voice on a podcast and I knew I had found a safe, open-hearted place to begin my inner work.

Dr. Karin is the perfect balance of skilled, experienced professional and gracious, genuine, peaceful inspiration.

She is teaching me how to grow from this moment forward, and I hope to one day feel the same force and beauty she has grown for herself.

Traci, Dog Training Instructor


In my group with Dr. Karin, I felt heard. I think that's huge because it's such a basic need. I felt very loved. When she says, "I love you guys," she means it. She's extremely authentic in who she is.

Karin is a beautiful person and a beautiful coach. What she's done on her path with going from the clinician in therapy to adding the woo woo, is literally magic. Those people find you, you don't find them. So, I feel blessed that she found me.

Jaime, Head of National Partnerships, Aetna


I loved our group Zoom calls with Dr. Karin, where we all got to see each other and talk. To hear that other people have gone through very similar things that you have - and just building each other up, the relationships that we built have been the most meaningful.

I love just being able to say whatever it is I need to say and not be judged, and get support.

Angie, Home Manager


When Dr. Karin walks into a room, everyone feels the powerful energy illuminating from her. I was fortunate enough to meet her and hear her incredible story of vulnerability, courage and transformation. She truly is the ultimate warrior, one that can help a shattered spirit breakthrough and grow into a super phenomenal soul. 

She is one badass, brilliant, beautiful being of light!

Angela, Spiritual Teacher

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