Dr. Karin is a sought-after inspirational and educational speaker, specializing in many whole-life centered topics including:

Finding Your Happy!
Discovering Your Freedom
Creating a Meaningful Life, No Matter What
Walking the Soul’s Journey
Releasing that Mess of Stress
Teaching Your Body to Restore on Every Level
Staying Grounded in Today’s World
Healing & Rebuilding a Better Life
Finding the Real You in this Crazy World

Dr. Karin is also the co-author of The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understanding Our Losses & Reclaiming Our Lives (Avery, 2016) and is available to speak solo, or with her co-author, Denna Babul, R.N., on the journey from fatherlessness to forgiveness to fearlessness.

While this topic is typically heavy, these women have found a way to make it engaging, fun and empowering!

Dr. Luise and Mrs. Babul bring ground-breaking, extensive research and holistic techniques to healing to girls and women who lost the emotional bond with their fathers too soon, whether it be from divorce, death, abandonment, addiction, abuse or incarceration. They go from talking about the seriousness of unhealthy patterns in relationships to showing women how their experiences actually make them kick-ass women in the world today.

Their book, Facebook TFDP Tribe and TFDP foundation have been healing women worldwide, and they would be grateful to share their message of empowerment with your group.

This information is especially valuable in educational, clinical, and spiritual settings, as well as within women’s or family groups that are focused on growth, positive change and healing – for daughters, mothers, fathers, friends, and significant others who are interested in making life better.

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