5 Ways to Know if You Are Stuck From a Past Relationship & What You Can Do About It

For a solid decade…… No one knew how much I was stuck and hurting on the inside after my divorce.  I would put on a happy face, step into some strappy heels and walk into rooms smiling, fooling everyone around me that I had moved on.

But I hadn’t. Not on the inside. I kept repeating the same emotional cycles and attracting the same kind of men.

Maybe you can relate.

For too many years, I looked back. Regretted. Blamed. Shamed. Self-criticized. Felt victimized. Felt unlovable. Waited on the phone call and apology that never came.

And still today, when I look at photos of myself seemingly having a ball during those years, I know something very different was going on behind my smile. I was hurting, paralyzed and an emotional wreck.

Maybe you’re there now.

While I am on the other side of all of that darkness now, I clearly remember what it felt like to be stuck and to want someone to turn the light switch back on inside me again. Someone to help me find my strength and guide me to a new beginning.

I want to be that person for you.

If you are going through this right now, you might feel unable to let go of a relationship that has let go of you – but you really and truly want to. You just need help.

Maybe you keep rewinding the movie clips in your mind. Replaying scenes, trying to make sense of what you did wrong or beating yourself up for your past ‘mistakes.’ You keep rereading the last chapters of your life, flipping backward instead of moving forward. But deep down, you are SO ready to move forward and feel better.

But, how?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you. Because, guess where your BEST SELF is – your HIGHER SELF? I see her clearly – she’s on the NEXT page of your life. She is not in yesterday’s story . . . she is alive and well and waiting in your next chapter. And she has a story waiting for you that you aren’t going to believe.

She just needs the ‘go-ahead’ from you.

Why does it matter?” you might ask. And, “How do I know if I am really stuck?

Well, it matters, because being stuck is affecting so many areas of your life. Staying trapped in past regret lowers your self-esteem, turns down your happiness and keeps you from trusting yourself and others. It holds back your true light and keeps you in a very low vibration.

This has significant effects on your relationships, work performance and overall health. Your soul suffers, and you are unable to be your optimal self. There are a gazillion studies showing how negative feelings like these keep you in a place of compromised health – physically, emotionally and mentally.

It keeps you from creating the life that’s really meant for you. The life where you wake up every day pinching yourself to see if it’s real.

You want to feel better, right? Keep reading. Here’s how to know if you are stuck.

5 Ways to Know If You Are Stuck From a Past Relationship:

  1. You are always talking about your ex or your break-up.
    You refer to your ex and the details of your relationship often on new dates. You fish for information and photos of them, and complain to your girlfriends (or anyone who will listen) about them.
    Newsflash: They don’t want to hear it any more, and neither does your Higher Self.
  2. You are too afraid to take chances or new adventures because that means you truly have moved on without the other person.
    Truth bomb: You are missing out on an amazing life that is waiting for you.
  3. You get angered and triggered by old pain easily, and you cling to being a victim.
    Newsflash: Your emotional state is in your hands, no one else’s.
  4. You compare new potential partners to your ex, and you are not willing to let your guard down with anyone new.
    Truth bomb: You are giving your ex power over you by letting them into your new relationships . . .  where they do not belong.
  5. You are holding onto all of the relics of the relationship because they are somehow keeping it alive.
    Newsflash: The first indicator that you are ready to move on is decluttering your physical space so that your emotional and mental spaces can breathe in new life.

Whoa. That was a reality check if you are still holding on. But, guess what? The fact that you are still here reading this means that you are ready to create a shift. (Insert Happy Dance!!)

You are listening, looking within and ready to look forward. That is step one.

This is where you decide that you do not have to tell that OLD STORY any longer. Just like me, you can awaken parts of you to a NEW STORY that believes something bigger about your life and your next chapter.

This is exactly what we are going to do for you in my FREE upcoming virtual Break Free Bootcamp, Feb. 3-7, 2020. It’s a 5 day virtual experience for women who are ready to let go of the emotional mess in their past and find the new power in their now.

Here’s the plan.
Each day, we are going to take a dive into the 5 parts of you that have you stuck, but that also contain the rocket fuel to catapult you forward:
5 Day Outline for the Break Free Bootcamp

  1. Your Why (Monday)
  2. Your Head (Tuesday)
  3. Your Heart (Wednesday)
  4. Your Voice (Thursday)
  5. Your Soul (Friday)

In the Break Free Bootcamp, you are going to learn how simple it is to change old patterns and create new shifts in your life. One massive A-HA moment at a time.

Because I want you to have a different story. And this is where your new chapter begins. Take 15 seconds to click on this link to grab your spot in my free Break Free Bootcamp.

Turning the page IS that easy.