Root Down
Fire Up

A virtual course to awaken the mind, heart and soul

"Ground your soul and light up your life like never before."

"Release feelings of unworthiness, confusion and fear to ignite your passion, connection and power! If you are ready to get lit, release and fly, this course will set your soul on fire!"

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Root Down, Fire Up

Root Down, Fire Up will help you blow away the embers of your old life and light up who you authentically are so you can flare up and fly. If reading that makes your heartbeat faster, you are ready to get lit.

This 6-module virtual course will help you ground down with newfound fierce power and set alight the Spiritual Badass inside you. Award-winning author, Integrative Coach and talk show host, Dr. Karin Luise will extend guidance, techniques and experiential work to help you shed the outdated layers of your life to awaken the fresh fire within. Offering powerful meditations, interactive lessons and spiritually channeled guidance, Karin provides a course of impassioned awakening for those who are ready to expand their light.

Get ready to be up-leveled.

By combining decades of clinical practice, research, personal experience and channeled guidance, Karin reaches deep within herself to offer this first mastermind training for those who are ready to get lit. This is the course Karin built after years of doing what others expected of her, get burned out and then have a total spiritual awakening and re-illumination of her own belief system. This has been her path and she wants to share it with you so you don’t have to wait another day to rekindle your soul.It’s time to root down and fire up and discover how freaking powerful you are!

inside each module

  • A private Ignition Phone Session with Karin to really light the match of your unique, personal journey. Using my clinical expertise, intuitive coaching and spiritual guidance, I will personally help you ignite your Inner Spiritual Badass.
  • Video guided meditation and prayer to root you down and fire you up for change, growth and transformation.
  • A written message from Karin’s spirit guides delivered specifically for each module - prayed for, received and delivered and to be exactly what is meant to enkindle your soul.
  • Specialized ebooks filled with inspired teaching, tools and techniques to help you peel scorch away the old, musty layers of yesterday to open a new blazing pathway for tomorrow.
  • Grab a notebook! Illumination exercises involving self-exploration, mindful expansion and symbolic rituals to release, ignite and awaken your authentic self.
  • Get Lit Virtual Immersion Weekend! A weekend of online meet-ups with Karin and all Mastermind Members to shoot the spiritual shit, explore your journey and really set your soul on fire.
  • Take this online course at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. You are fully expected to create the journey in a way that fits your lifestyle and goals.

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Course Layout

Module 1: Igniting Your Voice: How Five Last Names Lit Up My Sacred Power

Module 2: Light Up Your Tree: Root, Reach and Remember

Module 3: Burn Away: Set Fire to the Knot of Unworthiness

Module 4: Time to Please Yourself: Melt into the Real You

Module 5: Walk Through the Fire from Fear to Freedom

Module 6: Raise Your Hand: Fire Up Your Spiritual Badass