Finding the Real Me in Sedona

Ever travel somewhere that feels like home the moment you breathe the air? Then, because of what is happening in your life, your connection to the land is so powerful . . . you know something in you is going to change because of it? That just happened to me.

I just went to Sedona, AZ for a production shoot with my new branding ace, Nita Blum with Blum’s Brandhouse, and experienced a life-changing shift. I had heard stories of the famous vortexes and had always wanted to go but never had the opportunity. Until now.

I have been gearing up to jump to the next level professionally in 2018. I am lighting up like never before and have so much new material igniting through my soul. This is not quiet stuff – it is ground breaking! I want to be very intentional about my path.

Truth is . . . I want to light a bonfire in the world! My soul has been calling out to me and telling me the time is NOW. I desired change, ignition and inspiration. I wanted a trip that would transform and refine me for what was coming my way.

When I looked for lodging weeks before, I asked my guides to help me find a spot that would support my desires. I set the intention of having time alone to ground, meditate and connect with Source and the work I was doing.

In meditation, I asked for the energy surrounding Nita and me to provide the perfect vibe for what we needed to get done. I asked that the time be expanded to fit in all we needed to do and for it to be fun, fluid and easy. I manifested that my dreams would come true, just like you can, every step of the way!

In meditation, I asked for the energy surrounding Nita and me to provide the perfect vibe for what we needed to get done. I manifested that my dreams would come true, just like you can, every step of the way! Click To Tweet

I arrived late Sunday night after driving up from the Phoenix airport. I could not wait for this beautiful drive, but the closer I got, the darker it got. When I finally headed up the hill to the resort, all I saw was blackness. At night, there are no spotlights illuminating the red rocks, but you are sure there is something powerful hiding there in the dark. You could just feel it.
Getting out of my car, I could immediately sense that the air had an incredible intensity to it – clear, ancestral, deep and powerful – definitely a different vibration than I was used to. The staff at The Enchantment Resort told me how much they loved when people came in late to wake up to the magical scenery in the morning. I could not wait.

When I opened my eyes in the morning, my curtains were closed, but I realized there were three little windows at the top of the wall. Through them, I could see the golden glow of the sunrise illuminating the ribboned edges of the rock formations. Springing to my feet like it was Christmas morning, I ran to the sliding glass balcony doors and held my breath.

Pushing back the curtains, my jaw dropped, and I froze. Holy Mother Earth. What I saw and felt was beyond anything I had expected. Nothing prepared me for the intense beauty of these rocks rising out of the ground as the sun washed her fiery glow across them.

Sliding the glass door open, I stepped out into the crisp air and scanned the view with wild wonder. I felt an immediate reverence in my soul and a powerful force communicating with me. I wanted to be closer. I pulled on my hiking shoes and fleece and shortly found myself journeying up into the red rock formations, breathing in her powerful energy.
I prayed. I meditated. I felt a peace about what was happening and what was on its way. I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Sedona lifted me to a new level of connection with myself, Mother Earth and my purpose at this time in this life. Working with Nita was seamless, and with each moment, things worked out beautifully – just like I had hoped.

When we are in alignment, that is how it happens. We connect with the Divine, our true selves and our purpose ignites with ease and clarity. People, places and inspiration shows up in perfect timing. I felt more authentic, alive and free than I ever had before. And it has kept coming and coming.

I am beyond ecstatic to have this new material coming to you, and I want to thank Sedona, Enchantment and Nita for being the perfect travel mates in this leg of my journey. Nita, specifically, giving me her gift of supporting and igniting the passion inside me like no one has before. The truth is, I was ready for her too, and we met at the perfect time. She helped me to come out of my old shell and show my real self to the world with confidence and strength.

My mission is to help you find the same. I want you to feel this power, intention and freedom to unleash the real you – the you who is here to serve the world. I want to help you find the fire, connection and momentum that I have found!

Just like this trip, I wish for all of us to discover the miracles that are waiting for us so that we can experience a little bit of Sedona in every sunrise. A new glow. A majestic purpose. And an excitement to climb the hills of adventure that are waiting.

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  1. I felt a powerful sense tonight, that at 58 years old, my life has taken such a different path than I would have ever imagined 30 years ago, yet – I am right where I am supposed to be. I googled that phrase because I thought perhaps someone has said something about that feeling, and I came upon an article you wrote on exactly that topic. And every word resonated deeply with exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you. And then I found your website, and saw this article, written about a place – Sedona – that is so special to me, and specifically – Boynton Canyon – that is one of my favorite places anywhere, and I’m so glad you got to spend time in this special place. Best to you.

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