Let the Universe Know You Are Ready for Reinvention​

Let the Universe Know You Are Ready for Reinvention

I’ve had to reinvent my life 4 separate times. 

As in, my soul shattered into a million tiny pieces four separate times and I had to recreate who I was. Divorce, trauma and loss will do that to you. Each time, I scrambled around picking up the remnants of my former life, believing this would be the last time.

Each time I went through a reinvention, I hoped life would become easier, and I would no longer have to suffer – hadn’t I been through enough? I often wondered if God had forgotten about me. A few times, depression took hold of me and I had very little hope about moving on.

Then, another shatter would happen, at an even deeper level, and the Universe would give me the choice – are you going to keep telling the same story? Are you going to stay the Victim or let go of these unhealthy patterns and do things differently? Time after time, I chose to remain the Victim – it was all I knew. I walked around angry, feeling self-pity and complaining day after day. I was recreating my own story over and over again without realizing it.

I kept believing that life was happening TO me, instead of THROUGH me, and FOR me. I wasn’t there yet – I was stuck. I was caught in the vicious cycle of staring into the rear-view mirror, re-visiting those old, wounded places, and falling back into old habits that really do die hard. 

The third time wasn’t the charm for me. I was faced with something I never expected, and I caved completely inward.  Smack dab in the middle of a very unhealthy marriage, I gave birth to one of my biggest lessons – a medically fragile child, and my life turned upside down. Again, I clung to the victim role, was angry at God for ‘doing this’ to us and believed that we were destined to be afraid, sick and in the hospital. And so it was. For years.

Then came my 4th life shatter – which was the one that finally broke me wide open. An atom bomb went off in my life when someone close to me took her life the same month I found out I was being defrauded by my then-husband. I was rocked to my core deeper than ever before, and it turns out that shattering wide open at the deepest level was what I needed to push through to a higher soul level. 

I surrendered and reached for the heavens. As scared as I was, I had to leave my 2nd marriage with three small children and no idea what I would do next. But Spirit showed up and met me at the door of the re-creation of my new life. I was launched into a spiritual awakening of massive proportions.

Day by day, I opened to a new way of being. I took a deep dive into discovering a higher consciousness, and I learned that being a victim is a choice – and so is being happy and free. In every cell of my being, I knew I wanted to be FREE. And this time, I would do everything possible to find that.

I stopped telling the old stories and started recreating new ones, from a new positive mindset. I stopped blaming others for where I was and realized that I was the co-creator of any and all things that happened in my life. I took charge of my soul’s evolution and the truth came pouring in – like a super-galactic magic carpet ride. I was never going back.

Here’s what I KNOW NOW: We are powerful creators of our reality at all times. We live in a vibrational Universe that responds to our beliefs and feelings. Thus, suffering is a choice . . . and so is joy. To create a shift upward, we have to stop telling the same negative stories and rewire our mindset. Because when we keep staring backwards and rereading the last chapters of our lives, we do not evolve. We have a choice: stay in old soul confusion or embrace new soul evolution.

Where are you? Are you agreeing to take the easy road and do things as you were told, or take the courageous road and change

Here’s the real truth. In the re-creation of your life, things will get uncomfortable. Change is messy AF. People will judge you and get angry that you are breaking the rules. Relationships will end and tears will fall. Jobs or homes might need to change and family might not agree with any of it. 

But guess what, precious soul? It will all be worth the leap of faith because on the other side, you get the grand prize – freedom to be exactly who you were meant to be. Freedom to let go of all of the suffering and embrace the divine love that is waiting to flow to you and through you.

“In the allowance for evolution, you open portals for abundance to flow like never before.”  – Dr. Karin Luise

Because you can’t keep agreeing to what you agreed to in the past – it did not feel right in your soul. It did not serve your higher self/purpose. And if your life has shattered in any form, on any level, the Universe is presenting you with the same choice it gave me: are you going to suffer and remain the victim, or choose to create change and open the joy that you have been locking out?

Open the process of soul evolution by reconnecting to the core of who you really are – because at your core is total and complete self-love and acceptance. Source Love that is waiting to expand greater than old pain. Its POWER will override the narratives of the old you and tell a new story. One of liberation, evolution and strength. If you choose it.

It’s time to surrender and let go of the attachment to old wounds. Release being the victim who let others determine your path. Create a brand new YOU. Lean into the liberation of your soul and expect things to change NOW. At this very moment. Nothing has ever before been more possible.

The time is NOW. There is no mistake that you are reading this today. From here forward, you will know that there is no such thing as a coincidence – and that is an amazing reality!

Take this moment in time, like I did, to claim the path of your soul’s evolution. Say, “Spirit, I am ready. Reveal the Light to me and through me.  Show me the way.” Then trust that Source has met you in your place of allowance and is working everything out for you.  Then when signs, people and opportunities appear, take the inspired action to follow divine guidance.

Let the Universe know that you are ready – maybe for the first time in your life – to be who you REALLY ARE. 
And bravely reinvented.

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5 Ways to Know if You Are Stuck From a Past Relationship & What You Can Do About It

5 Ways to Know if You Are Stuck From a Past Relationship & What You Can Do About It

For a solid decade…… No one knew how much I was stuck and hurting on the inside after my divorce.  I would put on a happy face, step into some strappy heels and walk into rooms smiling, fooling everyone around me that I had moved on.

But I hadn’t. Not on the inside. I kept repeating the same emotional cycles and attracting the same kind of men.

Maybe you can relate.

For too many years, I looked back. Regretted. Blamed. Shamed. Self-criticized. Felt victimized. Felt unlovable. Waited on the phone call and apology that never came.

And still today, when I look at photos of myself seemingly having a ball during those years, I know something very different was going on behind my smile. I was hurting, paralyzed and an emotional wreck.

Maybe you’re there now.

While I am on the other side of all of that darkness now, I clearly remember what it felt like to be stuck and to want someone to turn the light switch back on inside me again. Someone to help me find my strength and guide me to a new beginning.

I want to be that person for you.

If you are going through this right now, you might feel unable to let go of a relationship that has let go of you – but you really and truly want to. You just need help.

Maybe you keep rewinding the movie clips in your mind. Replaying scenes, trying to make sense of what you did wrong or beating yourself up for your past ‘mistakes.’ You keep rereading the last chapters of your life, flipping backward instead of moving forward. But deep down, you are SO ready to move forward and feel better.

But, how?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you. Because, guess where your BEST SELF is – your HIGHER SELF? I see her clearly – she’s on the NEXT page of your life. She is not in yesterday’s story . . . she is alive and well and waiting in your next chapter. And she has a story waiting for you that you aren’t going to believe.

She just needs the ‘go-ahead’ from you.

Why does it matter?” you might ask. And, “How do I know if I am really stuck?

Well, it matters, because being stuck is affecting so many areas of your life. Staying trapped in past regret lowers your self-esteem, turns down your happiness and keeps you from trusting yourself and others. It holds back your true light and keeps you in a very low vibration.

This has significant effects on your relationships, work performance and overall health. Your soul suffers, and you are unable to be your optimal self. There are a gazillion studies showing how negative feelings like these keep you in a place of compromised health – physically, emotionally and mentally.

It keeps you from creating the life that’s really meant for you. The life where you wake up every day pinching yourself to see if it’s real.

You want to feel better, right? Keep reading. Here’s how to know if you are stuck.

5 Ways to Know If You Are Stuck From a Past Relationship:

  1. You are always talking about your ex or your break-up.
    You refer to your ex and the details of your relationship often on new dates. You fish for information and photos of them, and complain to your girlfriends (or anyone who will listen) about them.
    Newsflash: They don’t want to hear it any more, and neither does your Higher Self.
  2. You are too afraid to take chances or new adventures because that means you truly have moved on without the other person.
    Truth bomb: You are missing out on an amazing life that is waiting for you.
  3. You get angered and triggered by old pain easily, and you cling to being a victim.
    Newsflash: Your emotional state is in your hands, no one else’s.
  4. You compare new potential partners to your ex, and you are not willing to let your guard down with anyone new.
    Truth bomb: You are giving your ex power over you by letting them into your new relationships . . .  where they do not belong.
  5. You are holding onto all of the relics of the relationship because they are somehow keeping it alive.
    Newsflash: The first indicator that you are ready to move on is decluttering your physical space so that your emotional and mental spaces can breathe in new life.

Whoa. That was a reality check if you are still holding on. But, guess what? The fact that you are still here reading this means that you are ready to create a shift. (Insert Happy Dance!!)

You are listening, looking within and ready to look forward. That is step one.

This is where you decide that you do not have to tell that OLD STORY any longer. Just like me, you can awaken parts of you to a NEW STORY that believes something bigger about your life and your next chapter.

This is exactly what we are going to do for you in my FREE upcoming virtual Break Free Bootcamp, Feb. 3-7, 2020. It’s a 5 day virtual experience for women who are ready to let go of the emotional mess in their past and find the new power in their now.

Here’s the plan.
Each day, we are going to take a dive into the 5 parts of you that have you stuck, but that also contain the rocket fuel to catapult you forward:
5 Day Outline for the Break Free Bootcamp

  1. Your Why (Monday)
  2. Your Head (Tuesday)
  3. Your Heart (Wednesday)
  4. Your Voice (Thursday)
  5. Your Soul (Friday)

In the Break Free Bootcamp, you are going to learn how simple it is to change old patterns and create new shifts in your life. One massive A-HA moment at a time.

Because I want you to have a different story. And this is where your new chapter begins. Take 15 seconds to click on this link to grab your spot in my free Break Free Bootcamp.

Turning the page IS that easy.

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The Power of the Hunter’s Moon

The Power of the Hunter’s Moon

2019 may have brought you some challenges that threw you off-center and resurrected some old emotions that you are truly ready to leave behind. Personally, this happened in my life around issues with relationships, finances and my own well-being.

Can you relate?

All year, it was like “kabam 💥-kabam 💥-kabam 💥,” and not in a good way. I often felt paralyzed. When this happens in our lives, the emotional weeds that crowd out our good vibes can smother any positive growth from ripening.

Now that the weather is changing, the Fall air is telling us it is the perfect time to call in our big shift.

Release. Allow. Emerge. The October Full Moon opens a new portal of change for you.

On October 13th, we get to experience the powerful Hunter’s Full Moon. It is called this because this month the sunset and moonrise are closer together than normal, creating longer light and the best time for seasonal hunting. It is also called The Blood Moon because the moon will appear bigger and more orange than usual.

These are all signs that something super freaking powerful can happen if you tune in.

In the Old World, this is traditionally the time after the harvest is completed, leaving wide open fields under a brilliant Hunter’s Moon, illuminating all creatures and yet-to-be gathered fruits, vegetables and grains in easier sight for the final hunting and harvesting of the year.

This is important for us modern peeps because it creates a time where we can harness the energy of crisper vision, clearer connection to divine foresight and meaningful reflection over what has happened in our lives so far in 2019. We can see, gather and clear away to allow for what we truly want to create.

This is also a meaningful time to call in divine feminine energy, channeling the strength of Diana, the huntress, and Venus, the lover-mother-Goddess of all creation. In doing so, we can allow both the strength and softness that the sacred feminine can offer.

Finding this balance within you will put you at the perfect place to serve yourself, your family and those you serve in the world.

This Full Hunter’s Moon will be shining high in the sign of Aries, which is the astrological water sign of EMOTION. Because of the potency of this full moon’s energy, you can connect to a more powerful lunar experience with heightened awareness about your own emotional TRUTH and the next steps you should take.

Because the Hunter’s Moon/Blood Moon energy is so potent, the veil between the human world and the spirit world will be thinned, allowing for clearer communication between you and your spirit guides.

Let’s just say, the air will be super galactically electric and ready to deliver messages your way.

Oct. 13 is the perfect night to ask your guides and Higher Self, “How do I really feel about this?” “What should I do next?” and allow the flow of guidance to come through you. Your clarity will be on point, and your only task will be to trust the truth and awareness that is flowing.

This is when you let go of the old patterns that no longer serve your life. You will realize what is no longer working and what should be changed. The old way you’ve been doing things is SO Summer 2019!

You know that there is MORE waiting for your life, and you don’t want to wait until 2020 to find it. The time is NOW.

Are you IN for something super spectacular to happen to you during this Full Moon?

If you are feeling an expectancy in your soul reading this and would like guidance and experiences that HARNESS the POTENTIAL for a HUGE SHIFT in your life during this full moon, I have a retreat planned to bring you EXACTLY that kind of magical prescription on Oct. 13-16.

It is called WILD WONDER and is happening at The Greystone Inn at Lake Toxaway, N.C.

This retreat harnesses all that brings the sacred divine feminine into connection with herself, those around her and sacred Mother Earth.

Wild Wonder is for the YOU that wants to DANCE beside the fire, BREATHE in the wild color of transformation and CONNECT to something deeper than anything you have ever experienced.

This Full Moon experience at the Wild Wonder Retreat has these magically special gifts waiting for you:

  • The air will be ripe for accelerating the arrival of the clarity and wisdom you have been waiting for.
  • You will experience an open, sacred space of self-discovery and self-awareness to help you master the areas of your life that you desire to strengthen.
  • You will be on old Native American ground, where you will feel the energy of the Hunter’s Moon celebrations still resonate from ancient, sacred ceremonies – this will expand the energy for you personally and within the entire Wild Wonder tribe.
  • This Full Moon in Aries will open your emotions and vulnerability, leading you to inevitable personal breakthroughs.
  • You will feel a swell of self-love rise up inside you as you connect to the Sky, Earth and this Sister-Tribe of women, all on a similar journey.
  • This Aries Full Moon will help us relax, settle in and take our time throughout the 3½ day retreat to understand ourselves more deeply and move into flow and ease
  • The clarity you will receive during this extremely HIGH ENERGY moon space will amplify your power, confidence and wisdom about what steps to take next.
  • You will be a part of ceremonies, experiences and female bonding to find personal sacred expansion into who you REALLY ARE.

Wild Wonder was planned to happen exactly at this time of year, in this exact location to amplify the arrival of all that you hope to receive.

This is for women who are ready to let go of the old and say, “YES, I am ready for something NEW. I am ready to INVEST in this SEASON of CHANGE in my life!”

THIS is where your spirit will FLY FREE, your mind will CALM, and your SACRED TRUTH will be revealed.

Come, be WILD and WONDER with us. The magic is waiting for you.

Deadline to grab one of the few remaining spots to Wild Wonder 2019 is fast approaching on October 1st . Secure You Spot NOW, the Hunter’s Moon is calling you.

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How the Bible Teacher & Preacher’s Daughter Became a Medium & Spiritual Guide in the Backseat of an Uber

How the Bible Teacher & Preacher’s Daughter Became a Medium & Spiritual Guide in the Backseat of an Uber

I used to teach Bible studies and believed that anyone who was not Protestant was going to hell. Never did I ever believe I would be giving spiritual readings to my Uber drivers 20 years later, but here is how it happened . . .

Raised in a conservative, Christian evangelical home with a juvenile judge for a father and a mother who eventually became a Presbyterian pastor, I was taught that communicating with deceased loved ones was ‘demonic,’ ‘of the occult’ and not an option for Christians. We could only talk to God, Jesus and when we were little, our Guardian Angel.

Years later, I became an author and a licensed therapist, dedicated to clinical work, research and helping those who were suffering. I myself had suffered many losses and set-backs over the years, eventually becoming a twice-divorced, single mother of three who had to begin her life all over again.

How and why had my life ended up this way?

The answers that I needed could not be found in the fundamental, fear-based religion of my youth – I knew there had to be more . . . or what would the reason be for it all?

Then, a soul awakening blew the lid off my world in 2014. A loved one took her life on my watch, and I was devastated beyond anything I could write here. The experience of that loss was about to change my life completely.

Even though I knew I was wading through traumatic grief, I knew something was not right. Or, at least, it was not familiar.

Every layer of my being felt different, and I could feel that something was unsettling, in the air around me – it felt like something was attached to me that I could not shake. I struggled to understand what was going on with me, as I started suffering physically, emotionally and spiritually – and those around me started getting worried.

Then I found out exactly what was going on.

Turns out, she had not crossed over in spirit at all. Because of the situation leading to her passing, she was still deeply struggling, and she was staying around me. She needed help. I could feel her energy more strongly than anything I had ever felt in my life. But I was also feeling the pain she was in – it took over my entire being. I needed someone to help me.

I visited a shaman and discovered that my loved one was not only around me and communicating with me, but she needed help crossing over.

Immediately after getting this information, I knew I had to help both of us. She needed healing, I needed freedom, and I had to trust that I was being divinely led to experience something that was beyond my human understanding.

That day, with the advice of the shaman and guidance from my own spirit, I performed a ceremony with her in the front seat of my car (in a hotel parking lot!), to help her find the peace and permission to let go of her pain and cross over.

It was a transcendental experience for me as I saw her soul leave the Earthly realm, and I received gifts that I had long ago repressed.

When I realized what was happening to me, I cracked wide open and supernatural experiences started flooding in. The portals to another dimension unlocked, and communication with the non-physical world flooded in.

I immediately started visiting mediums, spiritual teachers and intuitives to learn how to connect to this higher vibration, protect myself and hone my spiritual practice. Over the next 5 years, I took courses, read books and watched countless trainings on spiritual communication and working with energy for the Higher Good.

My life completely changed, to say the least. I went from pastor’s daughter to full on clairvoyant/clairsentient medium. Everyone around me was like, WTH?! But I knew this was a calling from deep inside me, and I could not go back to my old beliefs.

There was no doubt…THIS WAS REAL.

I soon realized, without a shadow of a doubt that loved ones who have died did not ‘die’ at all – they simply transitioned from physical to spiritual form. The soul is eternal, and you can bet that the ones who cross over want to communicate with those that they love. They just needed an open soul to do it.

As I started practicing mini-readings for people, I realized that I could drop more easily into spiritual communication when I was not worried about what people would think.

In essence, I was best when fear and ego were pushed to the side. I wanted to get past being nervous about how ‘good’ I was or how in tune my spirit was at picking up the right messages for people. I wanted to learn to TRUST. I realized I needed to practice with total strangers.

Lo and behold, without planning it at all, I found that the perfect place for me to practice was – you guessed it – in Ubers. No joke. I was relaxed. There was no expectation. I was not worried about what they would think, and when I got out of the car, there was no reason for second-guessing. So, I finally did it one night.

There I was in the Uber on the way home from dinner, talking to my driver about his music career and how he was confused about his journey. I relaxed into listening and felt myself connect. Then, as is usual when I open up, a wave of chills shuddered down the left side of my body where the empty backseat was next to me.

I knew a deceased loved one of the driver’s was in the car with us, and that loved one knew that I was open to sensing their energy. I am clairvoyant and clairsentient, which basically means I know things intuitively and can pick up on spiritual energy and emotion very easily.

So, I will feel the presence of a soul near me, and I am usually flooded with feelings of higher vibration, filled with expansion and peace – which is what the soul is passing to me.

Basically they are saying, “I am so excited that you are picking up on me! I want to tell my loved one that they are not alone and that I am supporting them from over here! Do not be afraid – all is well – we are all here in love and full appreciation for what is about to happen!”

I can choose in that moment whether to close it off (which I rarely do) or open my spirit to visions and messages as they flow into my consciousness. As I relax, I say a silent prayer of protection over us, asking that only those beings of the White Light of God be allowed with us. This is a mandatory request that must be honored in the spirit realm.

Next, I tune into the origin of the energy first – Mother’s side? Father’s side? Male? Female? Relative? Often, it is a grandparent, but I have also had parents, cousins, unborn siblings and, of course, guides and angels come through. This particular time, it was grandmother energy.

I always make sure that the driver is okay with me tapping in, so I will ask an initial question to get a read on their comfort level.

To this day, every single driver has welcomed the reading and told me afterwards that they are incredibly moved by the experience and completely blown away. Having a spiritual guidance reading with someone like me can be a life-changing experience.

This is why I continue to do it – I love making a difference in people’s lives and bringing them hope – so does their spirit team. We both get to experience the most incredible high frequency energy and feel on Cloud 9 when the reading is complete – it is a blessing for both of us.

It is also meaningful to know that there is always divine arrangement regarding who my driver is when a reading is called in . . . no coincidences. Even in an Uber.

We are all spiritual beings co-creating our human experiences. On a soul level, we arrange everything that we are ready to receive, and the Universe coordinates rendezvous and perfect timing in our favor.

I am humbled to be a conduit to life change.

So, on that night, when the Uber driver took a pause, I said, “Do you know that you have a grandmother around you? A Grandmother – maybe on your Mom’s side? Is she still alive or has she passed away?” (I always check!)

While sometimes I have to fine tune what I am receiving, and sometimes I don’t know exactly who is with us, we are always guided to knowing who it is by talking through it. I like to work with people conversationally through a spiritual reading because their Higher Self is also helping me tune in, and the information they pass along helps me connect more deeply to the spiritual energy.

The driver started nodding, and said, “Yes, yes, my grandmother passed away when I was 12 – I feel like she is around me. I have felt her around me.” He tilted his rearview mirror in my direction, surely wondering what I was all about and WTH was actually happening behind him.

“Yep,” I told him, “she is, and she is actually here with us right now. So . . .  I am a medium and am picking up on her energy. I can feel her and sense how excited she is to let you know how supported you are. Is that okay with you if I tune in?”  The answer is always YES.

Next, I will get a wave of beautiful energy and images in my mind about the person’s life.

This particular time, she was showing me images of a little boy playing in the yard, happy and loved – beautiful memories that they shared together. She reassured him she was okay, and I got an image of a grandfather and her side-by-side, which meant he was in spirit too, and they were together. The driver confirmed he had passed away a few years prior.

Then she sent me images of the driver’s life as it was unfolding, opportunities that were showing up, and the number 3 as a timeline. I asked through my spirit – 3 weeks? 3 days? 3 months? “3 months” came through strongly, and she showed me doors opening and hands shaking, exchanging a paper contract.

I let the driver know that within 3 months a huge door would open to him with a contract that would further his career and that she was helping to make that happen.

A flood of love and support flowed in, as I passed along messages to the driver as he pulled into my driveway.

We sat for an extra 15 minutes talking about the guidance and processing his fears and new hope about what was up ahead. He felt so good about the confirmation that she was around him and turned around with tears in his eyes to thank me. I told him, as I always do, that there was no coincidence we were matched up that night and that this information was divinely sent to him in perfect timing.

All is well. All is going to be well.

And so it has been for the past 2 years as I have gotten in and out of Ubers. When Spirit comes through and I am in a space to receive the guidance, we both get gratefully surprised by what unfolds.

It has been my ultimate pleasure to be able to co-create communication with the drivers that Spirit leads me too because I know that the Universe is always working for us – and so are our loved ones.

So, if you are an Uber driver, and you happen to see me swoop into your car on a Friday night, you might be in for some Spirit Talk from a former Bible teacher turned Medium – it’s who I am and what I do.

We were meant to connect on this journey together.

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Why I Don’t Want to Change You

What’s your WHY? Understanding your why is so important to reaping the benefits of this work. Let me explain.

Are you tired of feeling disconnected and confused?

My WHY in doing this work is knowing that most people experienced life the same way I did and need guidance back to themselves, into a life of freedom. I hear it from clients every single day. Somewhere along the way we forgot our own value – and our light was dimmed.

For some, totally turned off.

People, experiences and society have taught us to feel ashamed of who we really are, littering our souls with self-doubt and feelings of worthlessness.

We learned that to be loved, we had to be, act and speak the way others  expected us to. And so we did. Thus, we attracted a life that did not match what our souls really wanted.

For far too long this has been the story for many of us. Unintentionally for most of us, this has become an epidemic of inauthenticity on our planet.

When we live this way, we walk around filled with sadness, wearing masks to please other people. We believe we are not good enough and that we don’t deserve what we really desire, so we stuff our truth. As a result, we agree to unhealthy relationships, patterns and environments that cause us pain over and over again. It is what we have learned to do.

As the years pass, we feel emotionally fragile, psychologically beaten down and spiritually disconnected. Eventually, our mental state feels like confusion and our physical state becomes one of dis-ease.

Sound familiar? How often during your day do you either feel like you’re living outside your body (or you’re watching yourself/your life from the outside) or you feel like you’re in a constant state of stress, anxiety and/or confusion?

We suffer in all areas of our lives when we remain disconnected from the beautiful being of light that we were born to be. Because of that internal detachment and external need for approval, we never fully know what real wellness, life satisfaction and authentic abundance feels like.

We completely distrust showing up as our real selves.

This is because we have gotten in the habit of dimming our own light to please other people.

Maybe you relate to some of the things that happened to me:

Childhood abuse.

Dysfunctional home life.

Lack of love from my father.

Feeling like I never fit in at school.

Not making the team.

Being ridiculed and rejected.

Turning to alcohol and unhealthy intimacy for comfort.

Marrying two men with the same abusive qualities as my father.

Confusion. Shame. Divorce. Depression. Anxiety. Isolation. Fear. Insecurity.

Complete disconnection from who I was born to be.

What is this all about, you ask?    

These painful states were my identity for decades. Until one day, my soul opened up, and I decided to stop identifying myself by the pain.

I stopped letting my past and current circumstances define and control me.

I took my power back, and I flipped the past on its head.

Now I realize, everything brought me to my NOW – to the FIRE of my WHY. The fire came when I awakened in my 40’s and finally came back into the light of my true being. After earning a PhD., mentally understanding my past, and going through years of emotional and psychological therapy, my spiritual breakthrough happened.

And everything shifted.

I found myself hiding in fear under all the darkness of the past, waiting for someone else to ignite the pilot light in her soul.

I found the ME that remembered  SHE was the one who was meant to relight her OWN FLAME by finding the pathway back to her own Soul & Source.

I found the ME that was born to speak her truth boldly, feel connected to her real self and be proud of the road she has traveled.

And I realized as a healer, this would be the same for every person I was meant to help.

This is the WHY I do what I do. It’s for YOU.

This is the PATHWAY TO FREEDOM that was born in my heart with every step I took on my way here and is now culminated into a 7 week journey (course) that was created for anyone whose light has been dimmed and who is ready to finally flip their switch back on.

My WHY is re-igniting your true value so that you can move into the world with humongous heaps of self-esteem and the peace knowing that everything is working out for you.

My WHY is bringing you into your own power and aligning you with the precious soul you were created to be.

The YOU that WAS BOLD before anyone told them not to be.

The YOU that knows exactly who they are deep down and is ready for guidance back to the path of their true self, true greatness and true purpose in the world.

The YOU that craves a journey of fluidity and fun so that the true, wild, passionate being inside can fully expand and feel confident in a world that will shine the light of love right back on them.

Because in this sweet spot of being, the Universe can finally deliver to you all of the things that align with the REAL YOU – the well-being, relationships and true life satisfaction that are your birthright.

You see, when you are not living in alignment to your true desires, the Universe will merely respond to what you are outputting. It will deliver to you things that match your belief system and focus – even if what you focus on is something you do not want. This will continue to happen until you create a positive shift in your energy and the way you are living your life.

I am on the other side of the bridge, and I walk clients daily to their PATHWAY TO FREEDOM – It is my calling. Let me take your hand and be on the journey with you moving forward. Let me guide, support and celebrate you as you expand into the fullest version of your real self.

Not someone DIFFERENT from who you are, but EXACTLY who you were born to be. Because in right now, in 2019, you are ready to remember, and this course showed up at the perfect time.

Find out everything you want to know about The Freedom Pathway Course right here. It’s time to shed what no longer belongs to you and step into the clarity, freedom and power that are ready to be totally and completely YOURS. FOR GOOD.

It’s YOUR turn.

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Are You Ready to Play Truth & Dare?

What if you use the transition into 2019 as a launching pad for your own growth?

Tired of feeling disconnected and confused?

How would it feel to attract better people into your life?

Have you been feeling like something is missing in your life – that it is just out of reach?

I am passionate about helping you find all of the above!

A new study out of Cornell discovered that the biggest regret 76% of people have in their lives is not living as their “ideal self.” That is, they have not followed their unique hopes, aspirations or wishes – sometimes out of fear, other times because of no self-confidence or inspiration.

This kind of research confirms how critical it is for our happiness to live in our own unique truth. We somehow have agreed to live with guilt, shame and fear, but we were not born to live that way. Our spirits keep calling us back to ourselves, and that is where I want to meet you.

I have been working all of 2018 on creating content with life-changing pathways for you.  I want you to feel liberated, connected and wildly happy. I am so deeply committed to this because I struggled for decades without knowing which way to turn. I was miserable, insecure and living my life for everyone but myself.

Can you relate?

If you are ready for a change, just like I was, I want to be the one to walk you over that bridge. But I don’t want it to take you the decades that it took me. I want to jumpstart you in this new year so you have a new outlook and energy in your life.

The most exciting thing I want to tell you is this – it is NOT difficult! It is supposed to be fluid, inspiring and natural for you to find your way back to who you really are.

I work with clients daily that seem to have so many of the same struggles. They doubt their own wisdom. They are scared about the future. They don’t know how to accept and love themselves.

Old pain still has them wrapped up in confusion about their own value. Past relationships have left negative narratives in their heads. They somehow stopped believing in themselves and came to me looking for a way out of so much confusion.

Sound familiar? I used to feel all of these things. I was in a toxic marriage, living to please everyone but myself and stuffing my inner voice. My body was always sick and my heart unfilled. I carried around resentment, feeling lost and unlovable.

Maybe this is you too. Right now. Maybe this is exactly why you are reading this in this very moment. There is no such thing as coincidence. I believe that the Universe/God is constantly guiding us and orchestrating experiences where we are led to new knowledge that we are ready for.

Maybe right now, this is what you need. A push. A series of nudges from me that are filled with compassion, clarity and much-needed shots of empowerment.

I have created something for you to experience in January 2019 – the perfect time to take that leap into the new you.

What I am offering you is totally free. Designed to launch you on your way toward that life that you truly desire. It’s called The R.E.A.L. Truth & Dare Challenge, and it starts on January 14th.

What is this all about, you ask?

It is a 5-day live experience with me where I will guide you through 4 daily challenges. We’ll wrap it all up on the 5th day with a myth-busting webinar to lovingly nudge you to do things in a new way. I will challenge your old truths that no longer serve you and present empowering TRUTHS that are ready to ignite you from the inside out.

Then I will DARE YOU to stop doing things the same old way. Each day you’ll be guided to do something new that is meant to boost your self-love, teach you to trust yourself and connect you to your own greatness.

Those around you will wonder why you are shining so brightly, and you will be amazed by how much these simple shifts will up-level who and what you attract into your life. Immediately.

You know me, I will be blending the sassy with the spiritual and having a ball right alongside you, while also getting deep about what is holding you back from being the REAL you. It will be the most FREE FUN you can have while also expanding your soul!

Jump in here with me now so you are there when the party starts! It won’t cost you a thing but could mean everything to your fabulous new year.

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