A Woman's
Year of Becoming
a Spiritual Badass


Break Through By Breaking the Rules

Break Through By Breaking the Rules is a membership tribe for women that offers monthly risk-taking challenges to break the rules and ignite yourself with freedom, empowerment and smoking-hot authenticity.

Turn bad into badass by bringing out a spiritually fierce new you! Stop agreeing to old paradigms based in fear, suffering and stereotyping and start breaking out new standards that YOU create! This is about rebooting your personal power by letting go of what was SO yesterday to recreating a life that is SO YOU!

Let's face it, what once worked for you does not work any more. The world has changed, women have evolved, and you have experienced a shift that craves empowerment, confidence and respect. You are meant to be a force. You are here to create change and ignite the freedom fire inside of you. It‘s time to shine in the face of the Universe as you truly are - unashamed, unhinged and unbelievable!

What You Get

Each month, a challenge will bust into your inbox and light up the spiritual rebel inside you.You’ll receive inspired motivation and techniques to help you release the old blocks that have held you back. Say sayonara to fear, insecurity and self-doubt and hello to growth, empowerment and fierce self-confidence!

They will protest. They will ask what has gotten into you. They will ask who the hell you think you are. (Bwahahahahaha - exactly!) And then they will demand that you go back being the old you. But by that point, there will be no turning back. You will realize that once you fire up your sacred power and raise your vibration to new levels, there is absolutely no friggin’ way you are ever going back!

  • Break-the-Rule challenges each month, motivating you to unleash your inner badass and create a life of color, revolution and transformation!
  • Examples of ways you can break the rules with full reign to be as creative as you want! And I want to hear about it!
  • Personal, breakthrough stories from Karin showing how the power of breaking away from old belief systems completely changed her as a woman!
  • Rule Breakers community message board to share with others about your adventures and be a part of this smoking hot community!

You’ll be infectious! By practicing the new habit of choosing to do things that align with who you are instead of only pleasing others will become your new way of being. You will not only teach you how to love yourself, but you will be teaching this to others as well. As women, we have been taught to put others’ needs before ourselves, but deep down, we want to be set free. We want to be ourselves!

Believe me, people will notice the change.The miracle comes when you realize how infectious this fire is for others. Those who are also ready to break free from the old paradigms will be drawn to your flames! They will want to know what you are doing and how you are feeling so empowered and amazing. They will be curious about the steps you are taking and what you seem to know that they do not.. I would LOVE to hear about it when this happens because it is happening to me all of the time (which is why I am offering this course!).

This not only expands the light in each of us, but it helps to illuminate the planet. Let’s manifest right now that you are not only going to fire up your own soul, but you are going to inspire OTHERS to follow behind you! Let’s join the millions of other women globally who are also awakening and create a badass planetary shift!

Ask Yourself

Ask yourself, what would happen if I did exactly what my Inner Being truly wanted to do? Now get rid of all of the resistance to that and ask yourself again, and this time, look deep down and answer it. What would I be doing right now if I was doing what my wise, fun, free, talented, passionate, authentic, amazing Inner Being truly wanted to do?

Truth is, your answers will usually pop up pretty quickly - like soul smoke signals. The answer feels like fun, passion and freedom, right?! Your desires - your inner fire -are always talking to you, always knocking on soul’s door, waiting to get out. When are you going to start honoring them? When is it your turn? The only one that decides that is you. I say, the time is NOW.

I have created this year-long game for us to play together so that you can get the inspiration you need to break out of the old you and find the new, bliss-filled you around the corner. These are the steps that will boost the rocketfuel in your soul to finally launch the new, super-powered you.

Let’s get this party started and give you your first challenge. Are you ready? If your answer is “Hell, yes!” then go to the first Break the Rules challenge and get ready to get lit!