Finding the Real Me in Sedona

Ever travel somewhere that feels like home the moment you breathe the air? Then, because of what is happening in your life, your connection to the land is so powerful . . . you know something in you is going to change because of it? That just happened to me.
I just went to Sedona, AZ for a production shoot with my new branding ace, Nita Blum with Blum’s Brandhouse, and experienced a life-changing shift. I had heard stories of the famous vortexes and had always wanted to go but never had the opportunity. Until now.
I have been gearing up to jump to the next level professionally in 2018. I am lighting up like never before and have so much new material igniting through my soul. This is not quiet stuff – it is ground breaking! I want to be very intentional about my path.
Truth is . . . I want to light a bonfire in the world! My soul has been calling out to me and telling me the time is NOW. I desired change, ignition and inspiration. I wanted a trip that would transform and refine me for what was coming my way. Read more

Live Taping of The Dr. Karin Show 11/6

Are you in Atlanta, seeking soul-kicking inspiration?

Put on your happy boots & join me for a live taping & a little bubbly!

Plus, get 4 insanely motivational books signed!
What: LIVE TAPING of The Dr. Karin Show!!

When: Thursday, Nov. 30th, 6:00pm

Why: “Keeping Connected: How to stay grounded in a sideways world”

Where: The Center for Love & Light

1145 Zonolite Rd., Suite 10, Atlanta

What else: Snacks, Sips & a BOOK SIGNING by all 4 authors after the show!

Find Freedom with Me!

Have I told you lately that I love my job? This is because I am creating EXACTLY what I truly want to do. ARE YOU?

I hear so many people complain about how unhappy they are with their home/work situation, and I want to tell you that you CAN create a life that satisfies and inspires you every day! I am going to be offering more courses, tips and videos to help you find your place of bliss!

First of all, STOP talking about the things you are frustrated with – you are only making them grow! Instead, be intentional about spending your words and energy expanding conversations around what you truly want. The more you are speaking positively about your desires and dreaming about how they will feel when they arrive, the more actively you are creating pathways for them and allowing them to show up. I am the perfect example! Read more

The Dilemma with Dismantling My Education

I just spent time in my kitchen talking to a very close friend of mine about our spiritual journeys and the challenges we are both facing. Sometimes I feel anxious on this journey, as my belief system keeps evolving, it is continuously debunking so many things I once believed as fact.
Lately, I have been feeling confused about so much that I learned in graduate school (a Master’s and PhD in Counseling Education & Practice). I mulled over the millions of studies – some that I did myself – the treatment modules, clinical work and diagnostic material I have downloaded over the past 2 decades. I can spit out research and psychology facts all day long, but in the past few years, so much of what I have in my head does not agree with what I now believe. Read more

2 Conversations with My Mom: “How I Found My Calling”

My Mom immigrated from Germany at the age of 7 from Germany after my grandfather, “Opa,” was a POW in WWII. He was captured by U.S. Troops while serving in the German Army under Hitler and sponsored as an immigrant when the war ended. As a family of 4, they headed over on a boat to America, with the promise of a new life. What they found was something profoundly different.

I sat down with my mom for 2 episodes of The Dr. Karin Show on The Lighter Side Network, and was transformed as I listened to her story with new ears. She endured more than I ever knew, and the voice of the Divine spoke to her in the most incredible ways throughout her life . . . you won’t believe how He showed up. If you have felt like you do not have a voice and are searching for permission to finally find your calling, these are the episodes to watch. Read more

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