Are You Ready to Play Truth & Dare?

What if you use the transition into 2019 as a launching pad for your own growth?

Tired of feeling disconnected and confused?

How would it feel to attract better people into your life?

Have you been feeling like something is missing in your life – that it is just out of reach?

I am passionate about helping you find all of the above!

A new study out of Cornell discovered that the biggest regret 76% of people have in their lives is not living as their “ideal self.” That is, they have not followed their unique hopes, aspirations or wishes – sometimes out of fear, other times because of no self-confidence or inspiration.

This kind of research confirms how critical it is for our happiness to live in our own unique truth. We somehow have agreed to live with guilt, shame and fear, but we were not born to live that way. Our spirits keep calling us back to ourselves, and that is where I want to meet you.

I have been working all of 2018 on creating content with life-changing pathways for you.  I want you to feel liberated, connected and wildly happy. I am so deeply committed to this because I struggled for decades without knowing which way to turn. I was miserable, insecure and living my life for everyone but myself.

Can you relate?

If you are ready for a change, just like I was, I want to be the one to walk you over that bridge. But I don’t want it to take you the decades that it took me. I want to jumpstart you in this new year so you have a new outlook and energy in your life.

The most exciting thing I want to tell you is this – it is NOT difficult! It is supposed to be fluid, inspiring and natural for you to find your way back to who you really are.

I work with clients daily that seem to have so many of the same struggles. They doubt their own wisdom. They are scared about the future. They don’t know how to accept and love themselves.

Old pain still has them wrapped up in confusion about their own value. Past relationships have left negative narratives in their heads. They somehow stopped believing in themselves and came to me looking for a way out of so much confusion.

Sound familiar? I used to feel all of these things. I was in a toxic marriage, living to please everyone but myself and stuffing my inner voice. My body was always sick and my heart unfilled. I carried around resentment, feeling lost and unlovable.

Maybe this is you too. Right now. Maybe this is exactly why you are reading this in this very moment. There is no such thing as coincidence. I believe that the Universe/God is constantly guiding us and orchestrating experiences where we are led to new knowledge that we are ready for.

Maybe right now, this is what you need. A push. A series of nudges from me that are filled with compassion, clarity and much-needed shots of empowerment.

I have created something for you to experience in January 2019 – the perfect time to take that leap into the new you.

What I am offering you is totally free. Designed to launch you on your way toward that life that you truly desire. It’s called The R.E.A.L. Truth & Dare Challenge, and it starts on January 14th.

What is this all about, you ask?

It is a 5-day live experience with me where I will guide you through 4 daily challenges. We’ll wrap it all up on the 5th day with a myth-busting webinar to lovingly nudge you to do things in a new way. I will challenge your old truths that no longer serve you and present empowering TRUTHS that are ready to ignite you from the inside out.

Then I will DARE YOU to stop doing things the same old way. Each day you’ll be guided to do something new that is meant to boost your self-love, teach you to trust yourself and connect you to your own greatness.

Those around you will wonder why you are shining so brightly, and you will be amazed by how much these simple shifts will up-level who and what you attract into your life. Immediately.

You know me, I will be blending the sassy with the spiritual and having a ball right alongside you, while also getting deep about what is holding you back from being the REAL you. It will be the most FREE FUN you can have while also expanding your soul!

Jump in here with me now so you are there when the party starts! It won’t cost you a thing but could mean everything to your fabulous new year.

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