7 Steps to Flip This Year’s Frustrations Into Freedom

Did 2018 wring you out a bit? Me too. Like, a lot. I think we should do something about that.

Let’s take a moment to make sense of a few things from this past year. It is my guess that you had some things go really right, some go surprisingly wrong, and some might still be totally unclear.

Maybe something you expected to happen never happened or a relationship completely disappointed you. Or you might have found yourself considering a major life change, and you are still not sure of your next steps.

Me too. All of the above.

This is where I want to meet you. At the place where you look back on the year and find a place of clarity to glide you into a new beginning. The best thing we can do is find a pathway to a higher vibe set-point in our souls regarding all that we experienced.

This will set us up for the miracles we are asking for ahead.

When we can release our belief that things went wrong, or that we lost something we should still have, we free ourselves from holding on to the past. In turn, we amp up our present allowance. Then, what we truly desire can come to us quicker.

For me, this happened with work, my home and my romantic relationships. The trifecta. None of these three areas turned out the way I intended in January. In a negative mindset, I would say, “My home never sold. My business idea failed. My relationships all ended up as massive disappointments.”

Truth is, that is exactly the way I felt when I had these sucky experiences. I got thrown off my cloud and dropped to seriously negative emotions. I was frustrated. Sometimes ashamed. Always pissed. And hugely disappointed. Dozens of times.

There were nights filled with tears, wine and country music as well as walks that went on for hours. Some days I did not get out of bed until noon. I questioned everything about my life.

Maybe you did too.

But we can’t stay there. Unless, of course, we want to stay there and not make progress. It’s totally our choice. One of the most important things I remind my clients of every session is this: whatever you focus on and choose to believe about your life is exactly what you are going to draw to you. It is the law of the Universe.

The more focus and negative emotion we give our frustrations, the more  we are asking for continued experiences of the same – until we learn our lessons and choose to grow. So, let’s stop this whiny train from moving down the tracks and lay some new rails!

We want to take our power back by flipping negative experiences into the light. The more we appreciate the growth we have in our struggles, the quicker our lives will begin to attract positive things.


Here are 7 Steps to Flip This Year’s Frustrations into Freedom:


1. Simply say “Thank you” each time you get a memory of something that did not go as planned. Say it until you feel it in your soul. That feeling is freedom. You grew as a person and refined your place in the world because of it.

2. Pull out something positive that you gained because of the situation. Anything! (i.e., a trip, new knowledge, or helpful contacts). By doing that, you are letting the Universe know that these are the good things you want more of.

3. Stop giving the frustration free mental rental. When you realize that you have power over what resides in your head, you can make an immediate shift in focus to free up space. Hand it over to the White Light of God and move on down the road.

4. Focus on anything positive for over a minute. Each time you do this, you are rewiring your thought patterns, shifting your soul’s energy and sending rockets of desire to the Universe to attract what you really want.

5. Accept that all is happening through you, not to you. Your belief system and soul energy are attracting every experience and relationship into your life. If you want a change, stop doing things the same way. Let go of words or beliefs that blame others for your life and find freedom by stepping into your own power.

6. Ask for your next steps toward your desires. Ask your Higher Power simply for the next steps to guide you to what you want in life and then expect to be led in perfect order to your answers.

7. Repeat the mantra “Everything is working out for me.” Over and over. Stay open for guidance and trust your intuition. Let freedom from the past be your New Year’s gift to yourself. Trust me, one day soon, everything will make sense.

These steps are exactly what I do to re-center myself. They are simple, powerful tools to give you the forward flow that you want in 2019. Make these your regular practice, and you are setting yourself up for a new year where magic can unfold.

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