Find Freedom with Me!

Have I told you lately that I love my job? This is because I am creating EXACTLY what I truly want to do. ARE YOU?

I hear so many people complain about how unhappy they are with their home/work situation, and I want to tell you that you CAN create a life that satisfies and inspires you every day! I am going to be offering more courses, tips and videos to help you find your place of bliss!

First of all, STOP talking about the things you are frustrated with – you are only making them grow! Instead, be intentional about spending your words and energy expanding conversations around what you truly want. The more you are speaking positively about your desires and dreaming about how they will feel when they arrive, the more actively you are creating pathways for them and allowing them to show up. I am the perfect example!

What exactly do I do? I wear many hats – Author, Online Course Teacher, Internet Show Host, Whole Life Coach, Columnist and Transformational Speaker. Oh – and single Mom to three incredible kids and two rescue dogs! Even with that load, I am super purposeful about self-care, doing things the way I TRULY want to do them and only allowing positive people into my circle.

I get to write and produce my courses from home, work with select clients remotely and tape my internet show in a place that always makes me feel incredible. I work with my own intuitive life coach to help me stay intentional about my words, energy and relationships. Instead of saying things like, ‘I am so stressed out – how am ever going to get this done?” I say, “This is fluid and easy and is going to work out exactly the way it should!” I take a lot of breaks, walks and meditative moments in between my work hours. I keep negative feelings like dread, anxiety and fear outside of my body and instead choose to dwell on excitement, enjoyment and ease. It is always a choice.

I will be teaching this in my upcoming online course, “Root Down, Fire Up” because I am so passionate about sharing the tools and techniques I have practiced for years to get me to a place of true happiness and freedom. After decades of struggle, frustration and pain, I finally gave myself permission to let my authentic self emerge.

I began honoring my spirit by letting go of trying to please everyone around me while ignoring my own needs. I started asking for exactly what I wanted and letting go of those things or people that do not align with me. I found a way to connect with the Divine and my Inner Being, all which loved me so much more than I ever imagined! I just was not loving myself. But now I do – FIRST.

I want to help you do the same. Don’t you want to be FREE? Stay tuned here, on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter and please leave comments! In December, I will be launching a brand new line of courses, fun experiences and immersion opportunities that are meant to help you bring that same fire, freedom and alignment into your life. Stay connected with me so our souls can soar together!

© 2016 Doctor Karin Luise