2 Conversations with My Mom: “How I Found My Calling”

My Mom immigrated from Germany at the age of 7 from Germany after my grandfather, “Opa,” was a POW in WWII. He was captured by U.S. Troops while serving in the German Army under Hitler and sponsored as an immigrant when the war ended. As a family of 4, they headed over on a boat to America, with the promise of a new life. What they found was something profoundly different.

I sat down with my mom for 2 episodes of The Dr. Karin Show on The Lighter Side Network, and was transformed as I listened to her story with new ears. She endured more than I ever knew, and the voice of the Divine spoke to her in the most incredible ways throughout her life . . . you won’t believe how He showed up. If you have felt like you do not have a voice and are searching for permission to finally find your calling, these are the episodes to watch.

As a now-retired pastor, Mom walks us through a journey of miracles, tragedy and divine guidance. Her stories will astound and inspire you as she shares vulnerably from her heart with me like never before. From finding lost family Holocaust files to finding a miracle in a mailbox key . . . to discovering before-hidden secrets in ancient Biblical text . . . to opening up like never before . . . her story is transformational. You will surely feel the blessing of the Spirit when you listen to her recount her journey

"I sat down with my mom for 2 episodes of The Dr. Karin Show on The Lighter Side Network, and was transformed as I listened to her story with new ears." Click To Tweet

The two episodes can be accessed in the links below. This is a viewer-funded, commercial-free network, so there is a small fee (to operate our studio) included in watching the shows, but I promise, the cost is minimal compared to the blessings you will receive. Click here:

Part 1: https://thelightersidenetwork.com/video/rev-lisa-graves1/

Part 2: https://thelightersidenetwork.com/video/found-calling-rev-lisa-graves-pt-2/


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