How to Find Inspiration Right Now: A Short Meditation


What does it truly mean to be INSPIRED?

Can I help you understand it and allow it in? Let’s take a walk…

In walking a spiritual journey, we must continue to refuel our hearts and souls just as much as we refuel our physical beings. This means asking for divine guidance and inspiration and allowing it to come in – it is the rocket fuel for us along the divine path.

Inspiration. Passion. Clarity. How do we ask for, accept and hold onto them? Read more

Why You Are Perfect Just As You Are


When is the last time that you spoke positively about yourself when asked? When can you remember speaking lovingly about the beautiful person that you have become?

Are you ready to trust that your life is unfolding perfectly, and that you are finding your way according to divine guidance?

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Creating Change Out of Chaos

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.” ~ Deepak Chopra

I came across this quote today and felt the power of it instantly.  Do you?

Think back across the past several years of your life and look at the one or two times that you have REALLY made a big change … a change that turned out to be for the better in your life.  Remember how it felt when you allowed that change in … was it merely a life adjustment, or did you have a meaningful transformation? Read more

Nature Has a Message for You

In my own request for spiritual teachings, one of the most common reminders that comes up is the insistence from God and our Guides that we spend time OUTSIDE. EVERY DAY. This is a purposeful, free, simple – yet powerful – way to reboot yourself and raise the vibration of your soul.

Science is catching up with the Spiritual and has, in fact, show time after time how our physical and mental bodies benefit immensely from natural connection and exposure. From raised immunity, clearer cognition to stress reduction, healing, literally, is in the air.


Promise yourself right now that you will do this in the New Year . . . step outside ON PURPOSE . . . stop for a moment . . . and reverently pay attention. Take a deep breath in and invite a reconnection with nature, God and your Higher Self to flow in from the natural air around you.

God put everything on this Earth in its place in an effort to commune, inspire and heal us every single day. By simply acknowledging what IS in the outside world and connecting to it with your senses, you are rejoining with your natural state of being. Read more

How to Flip Negative Thinking

Today remember that you have complete control over how much power negative things have over you . . . and that power can also draw positive things your way.

Life happens.
Feelings come up.
Negative emotions rise to the surface.
We are inclined to dwell the strongest on what feels the worst.

woman pain

Guess what? You are in charge of the direction of your own ship.
Abraham Hicks talks about how dwelling on something for 17 seconds increases the chance that your happiness, your vibration and your experience of the world will be rewired into one that goes down the rabbit hold of negativity.

Here’s how the loop works: Moment or Memory of the experience –> painful emotion –> gut reaction to dwell and obsess over the negative experience –> continued return to the impulse to focus on the negative –> body re-experiences negative emotions –>Moment or Memory of the experience . . . etc.


This negative thought loop (‘stinkin’ thinkin’) treats your body badly. Not only does it pull you into a mental mess of confusion and fear, but it sends signals to your physical body that stress hormones need to be released. If you are constantly telling your body to release the stress hormone cortisol, you are not only putting yourself in a bad emotional state, you are lowering your body’s ability to fight disease and maintain wellness.


This is something you can take charge of RIGHT NOW.

Next time you find yourself focusing – dwelling – on something that makes you feel fear, anger or self-doubt, get in your own way. STOP your focus. Get in there before 17 seconds pull you under.
Say, “Stop. Do not dwell. Refocus.” Out loud.

See yourself swiping those negative thoughts out of the screen in your brain, just like you would swipe away something on your touch screen. SCHWOOP! GONE!

right swipe

Take a deep breath.
Decide now that you are going to flip it.

Here is a prayer you can say for extra support:

“Thank you, God, for that experience and the lesson that I am learning from it. Please show me the lesson loud and clear. I release the negative emotions about what happened and ask that you take them into Your Light.
I will not allow it to define how I feel about myself or what I believe about the world today.
I fully and unconditionally accept myself and move back into a place of peace.”

Replace the negative thoughts with something that feels GOOD. Yes. You. Can. It only takes one second.


If you are having trouble, do this:

Pick up an inspirational book & read a paragraph.
Turn on a positive You Tube video for a short minute.
Read some inspirational quotes from Google.
Call your best friend and ask for a boost.
Express gratitude and let a smile warm your face.

By doing so, you have flipped the stinkin’ thinkin’ into something that is sweet for your mind, body and spirit.

You have called back in PEACE and JOY. This is your natural state of being. Be in charge of keeping their company.


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© 2016 Doctor Karin Luise