The Wound is the Place Where Light Enters You

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” ~Rumi

wound is the place

I have never seen this quote before this morning, and it has frozen me at my kitchen counter, holding still my warm cup of coffee, suddenly transformed internally – feeling like the spirit of God has washed over me in waves of love as I reread the quote over and over again.

The wound. It started with the wound. Where the pain first came in. The lesson, the light, the love, entered me from the wound.

I know this experience was the intention of the Divine as I crept along the cold hardwoods this morning, pattering to my computer on the breakfast island to check what was in store for me today.

I know God was waiting with great love as I put my oatmeal down, logged in and started to search … opening this gift with an eager heart that was looking for a blessing.

I also know this is not meant just for me. Read more

Seeds of Hope

Hang in there if the road today is difficult. Even if it has been “difficult” for a season, a year … or two…

Keep alert to what your spirit is asking you to do to get to the next place in life. There are chances waiting for you, but sometimes the Universe needs you to take a step … talk to a certain person … or give up something you have been holding onto.

Or perhaps you must be still for a time and wait.

Ask your spirit to guide you to take that step in the right direction, find the person that you are meant to find, or release that which is meant to be let go. Ask for peace to be patient in the meantime. There are things you still do not know and a future that is waiting for you. I believe it.

 I believe that the seeds of hope are nesting under the fallen leaves of yesterday’s pain, taking time until the perfect sunrise sends a beam of light over their resting place – giving them divine permission to finally burst forth.

 It is in that moment that all of those patient, purposed seeds sprout new, shining life from underneath what was once a cracked and drying ground.

 They are in there. They are waiting. Do your part and then … wait for them.


© 2016 Doctor Karin Luise