doctor karin and denna babul with their book

The book The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understanding Our Losses and Reclaiming Our Lives was written out of the hearts and histories of Denna Babul, RN and Dr. Karin Luise. Their friendship and deep understanding and passion about fatherlessness compelled them to research and write the book that they wished they’d had in their twenties.

Some of the strongest, most successful women we know are fatherless daughters. They learn at a very young age to cope – almost too well. In their quest to overcome a difficult situation, they can become overachievers without ever coming to terms with their loss. This book helps them see how they’ve tripped so they can come to a new understanding.

Drawing on interviews with more than five thousand women who became fatherless due to death, divorce, neglect or outright abandonment, we show how father loss can affect a woman’s life for years – often into adulthood.

Our book helps you identify and transform this legacy – from damaging relationship patterns, to an unhealthy drive to succeed, to a deep-seated need for control – and teach you how to harness your extraordinary potential for resilience.

Merging personal and professional experience, we share the tools, answers and thoughtful insights necessary to move on a path toward growth and fulfillment.

The Fatherless Daughter Project offers you the support you need to start healing, and encourages the conversation to continue.

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