The Sea Speaks to the Soul … “Hold On”

Have you ever had nature speak to you? Have you ever gotten quiet, asked for a message, and sat still until she spoke inspiration into your soul?

Yep, me too.

I am at the beach for a few days with my family, hoping to soak in the sea’s peace and energy to gain some restoration from a very difficult summer. Life has brought a lot of loss and pain lately, and it has taken its toll on my spirit. My body is tired, my soul aches, and my heart is broken. Loss can pull us under for a time, leaving us searching for a stronghold to pull us back up toward the sun.

Looking for a needed escape for my spirit, I came to a place where I feel more like myself – the blessed beach.  I came with my family and arms filled with prayers for direction and peace … seeking a answers from a shoreline that I knew.

We headed to Tybee Island, off the coast of Georgia – a spot where my family held annual summer  reunions as a child. I came back to a happy place, although it had been 30 years since my last visit. We traveled from Atlanta to Savannah, and I finally saw what I’d been seeking: bridges. Bridges away from the heavy mainland onto an island of light breezes and wide open sunsets. I smiled as her familiar scenery began to pass by my window.

Crossing the bridges, we traveled over the welcoming green marshes … I felt myself exhale. Aaaaah, I am here. This is where I belong. Please, God, help me find something this weekend, help some healing to begin. Seeing the breezes rippling waves over the grasses as we entered the island, I finally saw the end of the road hit the shoreline in the distance.

The ocean. The life force of the world. I closed my eyes and smiled. The children cheered from the backseat as we found our way to a little vintage cottage just blocks from the beach.

Heaven (with mosquitos). Read more

Seeds of Hope

Hang in there if the road today is difficult. Even if it has been “difficult” for a season, a year … or two…

Keep alert to what your spirit is asking you to do to get to the next place in life. There are chances waiting for you, but sometimes the Universe needs you to take a step … talk to a certain person … or give up something you have been holding onto.

Or perhaps you must be still for a time and wait.

Ask your spirit to guide you to take that step in the right direction, find the person that you are meant to find, or release that which is meant to be let go. Ask for peace to be patient in the meantime. There are things you still do not know and a future that is waiting for you. I believe it.

 I believe that the seeds of hope are nesting under the fallen leaves of yesterday’s pain, taking time until the perfect sunrise sends a beam of light over their resting place – giving them divine permission to finally burst forth.

 It is in that moment that all of those patient, purposed seeds sprout new, shining life from underneath what was once a cracked and drying ground.

 They are in there. They are waiting. Do your part and then … wait for them.


What Happened in My First Moments as a Mother … of Twins


I have loved a lot in my life.

My Mom, who was the first soul I knew, became the most inspiring force in my world and is the person I still tell (almost) everything. She gave me life and taught me how grow into that life.

Mom and me in 1971

Then there were the pig-tailed, pajama clad friends with whom I made pinky promises atop my blue flowered comforter as a young girl. We would attempt to lie awake all night chatting and making up hand-shakes in itchy-soft nightgowns. I loved those first friends with the complete, giggling innocence of childhood and the expectation that life would always be that yummy.

Then there were the silly boys who came and went during my teen years, whose freckled faces I loved so much I thought I would die. And I swear I did … a couple of times. At least. That goes for my twenties, too – when I loved and lost – beyond my comprehension – and then tried to love again, being forced to reinvent its meaning.

Then there are the friends I have loved even more as age has deepened my soul’s affection for unbreakable female bonds . Many of them have become like family and stood in the gap that others have left behind.

With my besties, Shana & Rebecca

And then came my husband, who finally showed me that faithfulness and commitment were not only possibilities in a relationship, but solid expectations. I found out that love could have secure roots and uproarious laughter at the same time.

But one day I learned a new kind of love. Read more

What Consumes Your Mind, Controls Your Life

“What consumes your mind, controls your life.”

What you decide to obsess over in your mind, ruminating … reviewing … rewinding … will ultimately be what controls you.

It will be the CENTER SCREEN of your life.

And unless you change your mind – and change the channels – you will continue to see the frustrating flicker of that thing, that face, that obsession because you can’t seem to move past whatever it is that has a hold on you.

If you are nodding your head, you have been there – or you are there right now. You know what focus has taken control of your thoughts, your dreams and your decisions. And deep down, you know that you know that you know that you need to find a way to push it away … push it out of the control tower of your mind.

You feel your energy being depleted and your time being sucked away, but for some reason you have held on. And it just might be the biggest secret you are carrying around. When you are honest with yourself, however, you know none of it is good for you at all. Not one bit. In fact, it is hurting you time after time after time.

It is taking over your heart, hijacking your once vibrant mind and eclipsing the creative energy that used to flow from your soul. And likely someone close to you has said, “Do you realize how much time you spend talking about that/him/her/them?”

Do you?   Read more

Do Not Let the Behavior of Others Do This To You

“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” Dalai Lama

When I read this quote by the Dalai Lama, I immediately saw two independent pieces:

1) ‘the behavior of others’

2) ‘your inner peace’

They are separated in the sentence because they exist in two different places in space, unless you choose to let the two swirl together and take on the energy of the other. And so the Dalai Lama offers you the most empowering reminder between these two:

1) The behavior of others is not your burden.

2) You have the power to choose if something destroys your inner peace.

POWERFUL. I am talking about YOU – YOU ARE POWERFUL.

You have the authority over your own peace. You were born to nurture and care for the strong, peaceful spirit inside of you – as it was also born to nurture and care for you. While we can feel wounded when we are betrayed and otherwise not treated as our authentic selves, it is up to us what happens to our peace next. Read more

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