What Is Serving You?

Where are you today? I encourage you to take several moments of silence at different points in your day to check in with yourself – your body, mind, heart and spirit. They need your attention and get a little bit of a tune up when you tune in.

Personally, I am in a place where I am making major shifts regarding old thinking and getting rid of those things and thoughts that no longer serve me – specifically fear and shame. Call it a ‘cleaning house’ kind of season. I am sure you can relate.

After much research and meditation on spiritual awareness and growth, I know one thing for sure: If something does not resonate with you on a level of JOY, PEACE or HOPE, it is not meant for you to carry any longer.


That means taking a real look at an uncomfortable feeling that arises, an object that you have held onto, a relationship that you have been struggling with, or a thought that is on a negative loop inside your head.

Ask yourself: What is this thing, thought, feeling or person doing for me – for my life?

Do you feel joy, peace or hope when you zero in on it, him or her? Or do you feel fear, shame, confusion or a stinging spit in your gut? There is your sign. There is your direction. Whatever is bringing you to a place of JOY is your spirit’s true residence, and those things are meant to reside WITH you. ALONGSIDE you for the journey.

If not, these things serve as mud puddles, pits of quicksand or stinging tar under your feet. Stopping you, keeping you constantly looking behind you, putting you in a place of fear or pain that stops you from moving in the direction that your spirit really wishes to travel.

Too much carry-on baggage. Read more

What Was Waiting for Me in the Woods

Each morning last week I walked my 3 munchkins out of a quaint rental cabin, down a hilly gravel road, knowing exactly where they were going . . . but not totally sure where I was going after our kissy good-byes.

After breakfast each day, we trekked to an outdoor gathering area tucked behind horse fields at Serenbe, a farmland retreat just south of Atlanta. We would arrive at Camp Serenbe daily with shoes covered in morning dew and cut country grass, eyes still bleary from the long day before. Toting their backpacks, my 3 met up with other freckled-face kids under a large shaded pavilion alongside a still pond with colorful canoes lined up at its bank.

West showing me the pond.
West showing me the pond.

The camp’s activities were centered on nature and fun and gave them permission to be exactly who they were: moppy-headed youngsters eager to spend the day outside, amongst farm animals and within their own hearts. It was a beautiful thing.

These days at camp also gave me with a beautiful thing: five days to do and be exactly who I was – full of my own wild wonder. I set a goal to look inward and seek outward, no matter what. This meant taking time to investigate the crunchy trails meandering between the pines on the property and challenging my own spirit to travel to new places of soulful openness.

I had no idea what I was soon to discover. Read more

How to Get the Guidance You Need

We are all facing decisions about new ventures, old patterns, and the option of keeping or releasing something, or someone, from our lives. Decisions have massive power!

The power to make choices represents free will, which form a flowchart of choices that form the outcome our lives. No pressure, right?!


I find that when so many human opinions fill my mind and I am standing at a crossroads, going inward and upward are my best steps to clarity, certainty and inner peace. I am responsible for my decisions, and they are to be looked at with a wise mind and heart.

I hope the same goes for you.

So instead of leaving free will to powerful happenstance, why not get some powerful guidance to help point your choices toward the best outcome for your life? Did you know that YOU have access to this assistance? You were BORN with it. Read more

8 Things I Learned In Different Latitudes

My home sometimes gets too familiar when I am trying to push at my seams.

Stepping on Legos, scattered flip-flops and spilled goldfish crackers each time I walk into a room gets in the way of my Zen. So I took two trips to get a new perspective on life – to see who I am from a different latitude.

Both were adventures that changed my life for a thousand reasons – here are my top 8.

My trips of choice were the 1) TED Women 2015 Conference in Monterey, CA and 2) Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Master Class in New York City.

The 8 things I learned Between CA and NY:

1.   We must seek stillness.

Simple. Imperative.
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You Were Meant to Feel HUGE with HAPPINESS

What makes you feel SMALL? Fear, anger, insecurity, bitterness.

They all make you shrink into a littler you by the moment.

What makes you feel BIG, MEANINGFUL … HUGE?? Gratitude, love, happiness.

Then why aren’t you filling up with it every moment that you can? I have an idea.

Let’s go back to your childhood, where you learned how to live:

Were you taught to listen to your heart and do things that made you happy? Did you learn how to put your own needs first and find joy by choosing it? Were you taught to listen to your inner guidance system to find that personal joy?

My guess is that your answers are mostly: “No.” Read more

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