How to Connect with Your Angels & Guides

Do you yearn for connection to an all-seeing, all-knowing force that will help you find the right path? Do you pray for direction, ask for help and look for signs that you are making the right choices – or that you are simply loved?

Me too! After a lifetime of praying and seeking myself, I have found a way of connecting to Spirit that has elevated everything. My spiritual awakening has taken me into a sacred space where I can directly communicate with my angels, guides and loved ones all on my own. You can too! I am here to offer you this video on how to do it.

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10 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Want to Fight Back

“A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.” ~Marianne Williamson

Spiritual teaching says that there are truly only two emotions: Fear and Love. Everything is derivative of one or the other at its core. So how do you know when you are not leading with love?

If you think about the times when you have been the most judgmental, defiant or indignant, the real truth is this: you were afraid. That fear may be from some old wound, the scary unknown, or about facing someone that believes very differently than you. The fear might be about being judged, rejected, not loved, betrayed, invalidated, misunderstood, embarrassed or made to feel unworthy.

On days when I am truly connected to the divine, I act differently.

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How to Call Love into Your Life: Part 1 CLEARING

Are you ready to find LOVE? Do you feel like it’s time to open your life up to allowing The One to come in? Do you want to FINALLY do it in a way that LASTS?

Watch my Part 1 & Part 2 of “Calling Love into Your Life” on The Dr. Karin Show. After years of research, experience and working with clients, this is the pathway that truly WORKS.

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Want to Team Up with Your Angels? 6 Ways to Receive Divine Guidance

Which way should you go?

How do you know what choice to make on the big decision you are facing?

What are you going to say when you see that person again?

Every day we are faced with dilemmas that leave us with options – often creating fear and anxiety within us about making the wrong choice. What if you could learn to trust that you will ALWAYS make the RIGHT decisions, no matter what? Well, the Spirit within you knows that and wants to guide you to that Sacred Power!

We all have a spiritual team of guides, angels and loved ones that have chosen to work with us as extensions of Source/God. We are ALL extensions of the Divine, and so we all have the wisdom that creates worlds around and inside of us. And that Sacred Power creates NO WRONG CHOICES. Pretty amazing, right?! Here’s how to tap into all of that awesomeness:

  1. Check in with your spirit and your team with some quiet minutes in the morning to re-engage with divine energy and positive intention.

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The Dr. Karin Show: Alex Kip Talks True Mindfulness

Alex Kip will BLOW you AWAY in this episode on how to create the shift in your life that you have been waiting for.

Did you know that you can have Post-Traumatic GROWTH after a life-changing diagnosis or accident?  That is, POSITIVE, meaningful psychological change resulting from adversity!

Alex Kip did, and he talks all about how that led him from being a not-likely-to-survive cancer patient to thriving Life Coach and Creator of the True Mindfulness movement.

WATCH our interview as we talk about finding your calling, spiritual healing and working with energy – he will BLOW you AWAY! First, you’ll love his laugh . . . then you’ll want to book an appointment with him! Get ready to be CHANGED!

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