“The Dr. Karin Show” has arrived!

“The Dr. Karin Show” is here! *Woo! Woo! Two hands up in the air!!*

On March 1, I was privileged to be one of 5 women who launched the “The Lighter Side Network” (LSN), hosted on Vimeo worldwide! Can you hear us giggling over there?

This is where you can find my BRAND NEW, incrediblyawesomeeyeopening new gig, “The Dr. Karin Show: Where the mind, body & heart meet the soul.” Are you kidding me? Someone actually gave me my own show?!?! You’d better believe it, and I’m on Cloud 9!

First, I give a huge hug of appreciation to Jamie Butler, who has not only been my healer, teacher and mentor, but also the Founder of LSN. She has had this holistic-based network on her heart for many years.

Jamie has been one of the country’s most sought after mediums for 25 years (besides being an author, educator & kick-ass entrepreneur!) After pushing and pulling with big networks who wanted her on their channel, she finally created her dream: her OWN network – THE LIGHTER SIDE NETWORK, where 5 of leading edge experts (including yours truly) have our own shows.

Get ready – you will see things on this network that you have likely never seen or heard anywhere else. My show, “The Dr. Karin Show,” is about holistic wellness, finding your spiritual path and leading-edge practices. I want to be the bridge for you between all the things you’ve been taught in psychology, religion and culture into the new paradigm of spirituality, consciousness and Universal Oneness. It is my calling to help you understand how to let go of  the old paradigms of shame and suffering to find your way to a new life of freedom and super-galactic joy. It’s possible, and I’m here to talk all about it!

My goal is that you feel like kicking off your shoes, curling up on the couch with me, your coffee, tea or glass of wine to share a conversation of insight, clarification and laughter. Join me – the shows promise to get better and better as my mojo gets its own mojo!

We’re funny. We’re serious. We’re spiritual. And we’re smart as hell.

The other show hosts line up like this:

Jamie Butler – “The Lighter Side Show” (energy, channeling and inspirational how-to’s)

Darshana Patel – “enLight’n Up” (channeling, enlightened comedy, healing)

Laura Boone – “The Real Ethereal” (astrology, spiritual living, real-life insight)

Ursula Lentine – “The Way of the Spiritual Path” (transformation, Pranic healing & relationships)

Come visit me and my incredible team at https://thelightersidenetwork.com/ & watch our shows on VIMEO HERE.

Psst . . . you can get in at the discounted subscription rate of $3.99/month if you act now!

The Lighter Side Network: Where the EVERYDAY meets the EXTRAORDINARY!


© 2016 Doctor Karin Luise