Time to Lighten Up: 5 Ways to Feel Better Now

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” ~ Albert Camus

Ever wonder why you might feel the saddest, most lethargic or less motivated in the winter months? You can be experiencing anything from the Winter Blues to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

With less sunshine, decreased outdoor activities and social interaction, the early months of the year are often the most depressing. This is especially true if you have any history of depression, suffered a painful loss or experience anxiety or isolation. I want to give you 5 tips that are quick and easy.

Let’s create some sunshine in your soul.

Here are 5 Ways to Feel Better Immediately:

  1. Do something you are good at that you forget to do.

What is that thing that you just recently remembered, saying, “I don’t know why I haven’t done that in so long!”

Whether it’s playing piano, making a birdhouse, painting with water colors, or cooking a gourmet meal – it will make you feel warm and fuzzy. As soon as you are 2 minutes into it, you will forget about the effort and melt into the enjoyment.

This is because you feel passion and purpose in this thing, even if it seems small. When you are in that space, you are feeling content, aligned and re-engaged with your passion. Win!

P.S. Please do more of that!


  1. Print up a picture where you are having a ball on a sunny day & put it front and center.

Scroll through your phone or your hard-drive for 5 minutes and commit to printing up at least one photo of yourself that shows you full of joy on a gorgeous day. Remember the moment. Feel the sun on your back, the laughter in your belly and the joy of being present to that moment.

Recall the smells, sounds, and energy that surrounded you that day. By simply putting yourself there through remembering, you are pulling yourself back into a place of good feelings and alignment.

Place framed Happy You where you are sure to see your smiling face at least five times a day. Stare often. Smiles reboot the soul.


    3.       Swing into the discount store and find something new and happy for your home – a hapy pillow, a new mug, a colorful tray or a cozy throw.

When you get home, utilize the item with a spirit of gratitude and refreshment. Speak a blessing over the new item, asking that every time you look at it, you are reminded to feel good inside.


  1. Go outside in your cuddliest clothes and pay attention to everything adorning the winter Earth – with gratitude.

That means taking in the sway of the naked trees as they spray out like gray and black lace across the cold blue sky.

That means honoring the Winter birds whose music and bustling fill the air.

That means acknowledging brush of the wind as it brushes across your face, accepting the kiss of the season that was meant for you today.

That means taking in the wonder and complexity of the Earth all around your feet. Marvel at the snow. Stare at the clear sky. Pay attention to the tiny bugs that scamper over brown grass to find their way home.

Say Thank You to the Earth for supporting you there, feeling grounded in that moment . . .

Feel the blessing of anticipation, knowing that the seeds of Spring are waiting patiently underfoot for Spring.


  1. Put on that sunny song and DANCE!

We all have a song that reminds of our best summer ever – whether you were 8, 17 or 47. Pull it up (you can find anything on a music app), crank it up and live it up all by yourself.

Research shows that music is one of the top stress relievers, as is dancing. In fact, the ripple effect of dancing, moving your body, and taking in the energy of this wonderful memory will serve to boost your mood exponentially from the minute you start feeling it.

Take yourself back in time and remind yourself of that the care-free you that was feeling stress-free back then. Then pull that same energy back into you NOW. YOU are the same being, and YOU are supposed to have a good time!

Life is supposed to be FUN, filled with music and embedded with the immediate ability to make ourselves feel joy, remembering a time when we felt in total alignment with ourselves, the moment and the Universe.

No doubt about it, you are raising the vibration of your being each time you do any of these activities for yourself. It simply brings you back to the good in life, which realigns your spirit back to happiness.

Do it often. Do it loud. Do it YOU.

© 2016 Doctor Karin Luise