How to Find Inspiration Right Now: A Short Meditation


What does it truly mean to be INSPIRED?

Can I help you understand it and allow it in? Let’s take a walk…

In walking a spiritual journey, we must continue to refuel our hearts and souls just as much as we refuel our physical beings. This means asking for divine guidance and inspiration and allowing it to come in – it is the rocket fuel for us along the divine path.

Inspiration. Passion. Clarity. How do we ask for, accept and hold onto them?

While these emotions come and go – swell and shrink – the spiritual traveler knows that he/she can always dip back into the lit well of the spirit to find them waiting to reboot the soul. Let’s talk about how.

First, it has helped me tremendously to understand what the word INSPIRATION truly means.

First, the original word is broken into two parts, IN-SPIRE, which literally mean “IN SPIRIT.” In Spirit!! How amazing is that?! So when you are feeling that gorgeous gurgle of inspiration from deep in your gut, it is really the Spirit of God, the Divine, that part of you that is directly from Source, telling you that you are ONE with Him, ONE with the Universal energy of purpose.


Inspiration means being aligned with the Spirit that is within you. Your thoughts, desires and beliefs in that moment line up with your soul’s purpose, and your spirit responds with an emotion that is undeniable. Passion bubbles up, and excitement fills your belly.

Now let’s look a little deeper. Where did this word come from?

According to the Etymology Dictionary, the word ‘inspiration’ was originated around c.1300, meaning “immediate influence of God or a god,” especially when referring to the words conceived for the writing of holy books. The words were ‘inspired’ by a divine source.

Digging further, we discover the true origin is from Latin, which was later integrated into the French and Middle English languages. The roots for INSPIRE are as follows:

Latin in-spirare, “blow into, breathe upon”

Latin figurative meaning, “excite, inflame”

Old French inspirer, “breathe or blow into”

Middle English enspire, meaning “breathe or put life or spirit into the human body: impart reason to a human soul”*

Inspire was originally used to describe a divine or supernatural being ‘imparting a truth or an idea to another.’

WOW. WOW. WOW. Doesn’t this already light a fire inside of you?! It does me.

Discovering the root of this word has led me into the clearest space of allowance for divine guidance to come in and “BREATHE life into me.” Isn’t that the most incredible visual for you to picture as you inhale through your prayer or meditation time today?

Here is what I see happening if you focus on the deeper experience of being INSPIRED and allow your mind, body and spirit to accept the fullness of this divine gift.



When you pray, ask for guidance, divine inspiration, and love. Declare that you are in a state of allowing this to flow in. Rest into the beautiful knowledge that all that you ask must occur, and that all you have to do is allow it to happen.

“Holy One, guides and angels that surround me and work with me from a divine place, breathe guidance, inspiration and love into me. I ask that all peace and guidance that is from the pure, white light of God and for my Highest Good in this moment and onward. God, breathe inspiration into me and expand me into a place of more knowing and purer clarity.”

Speak direction to your physical body to allow the Holy Spirit of the Divine to flow into you, to BREATHE inspiration, direction and passion through all of the cells of your being.

“I ask for help in allowing my body to open and allow this beautiful gift of white light to flow into me. I ask that the breath of Source God flow through my lungs, into my cells, and throughout my bloodstream, organs and systems. My body is commanded to accept all of the healing, grace and inspiration from the Divine in full allowance this very moment. I allow it to be so NOW. I allow it in. Fill and expand me from within.”

Take 3 – 5 slow, steady inhales, picturing the white light of God flowing down into you, breathing all those feelings that you desire into your lungs and throughout your being. Picture it flowing from your core to the top of your head, into your heart and down through the base of your body. See it swirling around you with love, ask it to come in. See it – eyes closed – coming in. Then allow. Allow. Allow.

Let a smile come across your face, raise your hands and sink into a state of full allowing, as you continue to breathe deeply into a feeling of full peace, full inspiration.


Just be in this moment for several minutes, keeping the mind and spirit centered on opening and expanding into the greater consciousness of Christ and the fullness of inspiration that comes from breathing in all of the Love that is.

Notice the reactions in your mind, as you experience calming of thoughts and softening of old fears.

Notice the reactions in your body, as endorphins are released by your system, as your spiritual body signals good emotions to flood you in positive response to your alignment.

Notice the expansion in your chest, the growing of your heart center, as you allow the spirit of God to flow through you.

Sit in this for as long as you can . . . and when you are ready to rise, speak gratitude for all.

“Divine Source of all Love, spirit guides and angels, thank you for the LOVE, clarity and inspiration that you have brought to me today. Thank you for being here. Thank you for helping me to find this place of great inspiration through the Love of all that is. Please stay with me throughout the day and help me to remember that this feeling is always and forever only a breath away.”


© 2016 Doctor Karin Luise