The Angels Appeared


Have you ever found yourself going down an unexpected road, fulfilling a calling placed in your heart as a child, completely surprised by how it all unfolds?

Over the years, your calling is purposefully in the creative mode, forming a pathway to the divine fruition of your life purpose – and even more so if you are willing to make the choices to help yourself along the way. Your calling responds to your raised & willing hand by attracting the pieces and the people into your life to help create the most beautiful miracles.

Into your twenties . . . thirties . . . forties . . .  and onward, you will witness the perfect alignment of God’s hand in your life. It all unfolds in the perfect time as you try to stay on the path lighting up in front of you.

That is where I have been for the past several years – following the paths as they light up in front of me – even if they seem risky, foreign or requiring a great deal of work.

It has taken me years of hard work, stops and starts, painful losses and surprise blessings, to get to this beautiful place. I am here to encourage you as well. No matter where you are, you can also grab the hand of your dream and float into the sky of divine unfolding.

It is there, It has always been there, and It will meet you right where you are. No judgment, no shame, no guilt – only a beautiful welcoming for you to fall into the purpose of your life.



For me, I always knew my calling was to write, to teach and lead people into places of more peace, happiness and healing in their lives. I could not have formed those words as a child, but there was something incredibly Great inside of me – as there is in all of us – pulling me toward this place of spiritual surrender.

I remember feeling incredibly close to God as a child, knowing beyond knowing that He loved me and that Jesus and the angels were always close to me. I specifically recall one powerful, but peaceful night  when God spoke to me about love when I was a 6 year old child.

Girl swinging2

I was standing in the courtyard of the Lutheran church I attended as a child in Tucker, GA, waiting on my Mom – who had a calling as a minister – to finish up inside the church.

I felt God tell me He was with me and tell me to look up into the sky beyond the woods behind the church. So I twirled around and did just that.

He told me angels were going to fly around for me and to watch. His pure presence filled me with overwhelming love in that moment as I watched the angels show themselves. I looked up over the woods and saw a glowing in the sky with many sparkling, low beings, flying low over the trees. They did not show themselves as full-bodied beings to me, but as glowing, sparkling lights. There was a mass of several dozen of them, and time stood still, as did I.

Looking back, I am struck by how peaceful and right this experience was for me. I did not question it nor feel perplexed by it – it just WAS. It was the perfect communion between God and me. Standing there alone in the night air, knowing He was with me, I wrote a song about love which stays with me to this day.

I often return to that memory and the pure, peaceful feeling I had for so many years as a young child as I stayed so deeply close to God in prayer, emotion and a deep wish that life never pulled me away from Him.


Fast forward over many years as life happened, took me by the gut and had me face some unthinkable challenges. I will admit that although I questioned the foundation of my faith and those things that I was taught as a child, demanding answers from a God who I thought had left me, I knew deep down that He would never truly leave me. I know it was okay with Him that I got angry and pulled away for some seasons – I don’t think He judges that on any of our journeys, but rather draws us closer to Him when we are agree again with open arms.

Of course, His arms are always around us in the meantime.

He promised me through a series of continued messages and  gifts that He would create a purpose in my life that used all of the pain, all of the love and all of the fallen places to form a profound and blessed calling on my life for the greater good. In the past several years, in fact, while writing our book, I faced some of the most painful experiences of my life. But somehow, right in the middle of it, God, Jesus and my angels were revealed to me in ways that blew me into a new stratosphere of love, belief and purpose.



Even though life has been filled with lessons I did not see coming, I have always known deep down that something huge was coming. And the launching pad has shown up for me, as my first book has been published with co-author Denna Babul The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understanding Our Losses and Reclaiming Our Lives, (Avery Press, 2016).

doctor karin and denna babul with their book

My calling has begun to find its unfolding, as the years of seeds have started to sprout on the path in front of me. I am deeply grateful for the launch of this book and am in complete and humbled awe that God has chosen me for this work. Seeing our book on the bookshelves has been a dream come true that floods unexplainable joy and gratitude through my heart.

As we spread the message for fatherless daughters across the world, our deepest prayer is that healing seeps across the airwaves and into the spirits of girls and women who were also broken along the way. As Rumi said, “The wound is the place where the lights enters you.”

Looking ahead, I know that my calling is to deepen my research and writing around spiritual healing and walking the soul’s journey. These steps in our lives are each laid according to purpose, our own wills and God’s divine plan for us to grow in this life. I am amazed and spectacularly inspired by the blessing of finding my voice and being given the permission to use it.

The path is lit brightly in front of me – for ALL of us – and I cannot wait for the angels to continue to appear.


© 2016 Doctor Karin Luise