Why You Are Perfect Just As You Are


When is the last time that you spoke positively about yourself when asked? When can you remember speaking lovingly about the beautiful person that you have become?

Are you ready to trust that your life is unfolding perfectly, and that you are finding your way according to divine guidance?

Today, can you say out loud that you are grateful for your life, proud of what you have done . . . and that you feel so blessed to be alive in this perfect time? If you turn this into a practice, you will see your life speed up its growth and blessings in miraculous ways.

Even if you know that you need to grow and make changes in your life as a maturing, spiritual being … you are PERFECT today, because you are on a divine path of growth and purpose. You are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be.


No matter what the choices of last year or yesterday have brought you, the lessons and the love are there for a reason, and they are exactly what you have needed to grow into a more perfect, Godly creation. Each step, each breath, and each interaction have been weaving together moment by moment, to co-create a life of joy and harmony with your authentic self. If you can lean closer to believing that you deserve miracles and joy, you will find that they indeed show up more often due to your alignment with your divine self.

You are in a PERFECT STATE of spiritual and mental alignment when you are accepting yourself in the moment – just as you are – knowing that the hours and conversations to come will help form you into an even more beautifully sculpted version of yourself. Each experience works on you like a carving instrument into the clay of your being, forming you, molding you, into something even more magnificent than it was before.

Especially if you are in alignment with believing that this is so.

Right now, right where you sit, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Take a moment to breathe deeply into your physical self, and let the oxygen flow through your body, delivering new energy and self-love into your cells.

Feel inspired by who you have become, despite all of the pain that you have experienced in your past.

Breathe in inspiration and wisdom, believing that you will continue to grow into a better you today, on this perfect day in the life of you, who is loved beyond belief by the One who created you.

Rainbow woman

Know that this is your journey, no one else’s, with only the standards set by your own spirit’s call. Don’t try to change who you are for anyone by bending the needs of your own spirit. Walk toward those things that feel authentic to you and the passions within your own heart.

You will know the way to walk because you will feel good about the steps that you take. You will learn to trust your own guidance system more every day, knowing that your steps will be made perfect, according to your life’s plan. All you have to do is trust, and love the journey that you are co-creating as a spiritual being in this human experience.

You will be amazed by the miracles that show up – just because you learned to show up as YOU.

© 2016 Doctor Karin Luise