Creating Change Out of Chaos

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.” ~ Deepak Chopra

I came across this quote today and felt the power of it instantly.  Do you?

Think back across the past several years of your life and look at the one or two times that you have REALLY made a big change … a change that turned out to be for the better in your life.  Remember how it felt when you allowed that change in … was it merely a life adjustment, or did you have a meaningful transformation?

Now before you read on, raise a prayer of thanks for that chaos that created change and recognize its value in your spirit’s journey and in the divine unfolding of your life. You would not be who you are today without the experience, right?  Thank the Divine in you for bringing you to a place of openness and helping you have the courage and strength to get through that life altering transition.

Recognize your soul’s willingness and innate ability to find a way through the clouds and back into a renewed life.

Have gratitude for this GIFT.

Now rewind a bit in your mind’s eye and think about the time before that big transition took place.  See what was happening to promote change in your life before you decided to take a different path.  Odds are that something chaotic, uncomfortable, or even painful had been happening up until you made a new choice.  Fabulous change does not happen unless we are pushed to look at another way of doing things that makes us question our usual steps.

To encourage your reflection, here are some wonderful changes that I have seen arise out of difficult times:

  • Finding a better, purer way to love after a break-up or divorce
  • Discovering a talent that later became a new job after a scary lay off
  • Realizing that love should be given fully and openly to loved ones after a catastrophe
  • Starting a foundation that changes lives after losing a loved one to cancer
  • Reforming a more authentic way to live after surviving a traumatic brain injury
  • Going back to school to do what one really wants to do after being left by a partner who was controlling
  • Discovering strong, resilient sides of the self after being betrayed by a friend

While we all wish that things would float along without storms challenging us, that is not the way that life was intended.  I believe that part of “the meaning of life” is seeing how we react and realign to change, disappointment and suffering, thereby displaying the faith in our own soul’s purpose. By reconfiguring one’s path, we show faith and hope that there is a plan bigger than us.

Somewhere deep down we have to get back on the horse and believe that the Universe has our backs. Because we are still here. You are still here. And there is Divine, Eternal Reason for that.


Remain open to change and excited about its blessing.

Keep a malleable mind that is willing to adjust its thinking and find ways to further maturing.

Maintain a spirit of eagerness, as you realize that with change come growth and higher awareness.

As chaos threatens the stability in your life, keep focus on the goals of growth and higher self-actualization.

Use the storm clouds as a beautiful time to grow … and thus grow closer to the Divine.


© 2016 Doctor Karin Luise