The Wound is the Place Where Light Enters You

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” ~Rumi

wound is the place

I have never seen this quote before this morning, and it has frozen me at my kitchen counter, holding still my warm cup of coffee, suddenly transformed internally – feeling like the spirit of God has washed over me in waves of love as I reread the quote over and over again.

The wound. It started with the wound. Where the pain first came in. The lesson, the light, the love, entered me from the wound.

I know this experience was the intention of the Divine as I crept along the cold hardwoods this morning, pattering to my computer on the breakfast island to check what was in store for me today.

I know God was waiting with great love as I put my oatmeal down, logged in and started to search … opening this gift with an eager heart that was looking for a blessing.

I also know this is not meant just for me.

Before I post in my blog each time, I say a prayer, “Please guide me to words or a message that someone needs to hear.” And then I open to the first word that comes to me and do a search. This morning, the word “healing,” came through clearly.

Upon typing ‘healing images’ into Google, a colorful array of pictures and words opened up before me, and I started perusing, always quietly asking for guidance for the right image and quote that someone needs today. Guide me … guide me …

I got halfway down the page and my eyes landed on this quote, and with a quick reading, I froze, staring at the image, feeling my spirit opened suddenly inside my chest, as the swooooosh of Divine love and inspiration flooded my core.

sun in hands

The wound is the place where the light enters you. The wound. The very place. Where the Light enters you.

The Light is drawn to the place that is ripped open and stinging . . . the very place that hurts the most. The Light uses the wound to pour itself in. The wound is open so that you can be more deeply healed.

Your healing begins in that exact spot where the pain first came into your body, and perhaps where it still resides. That is the portal for Source Light to create wholeness of body, mind and spirit, which is your birthright to receive.

From there, like the dawn breaking over the horizon, rays of golden, brilliant hope can fill each empty, confused place inside of you. If this was meant for you today, you already know it. Use it to create transformation in your pain.

Pray that your healing will come in like a flood of pure water over the hurt that has overwhelmed you. Pray for the hurt to be filled with light and thus recreated to wholeness, acceptance and peace.

How do you do this?

Be still. Be present to your request and let your mind rest in your intention for healing. Then simply ask specifically for it. This can be as simple as saying,


“I ask that my wound become the place where Divine Light comes in. Wrap me in the white light of God and fill me with the sureness that I am whole once again.”

Be present to the physical feeling of your miracle. Allow yourself to be still in your steps to feel the flood of love wash over you … flowing over your heart … filling up your spirit … freeing your mind … and creating a new wholeness in your body.

Today, let your wound be the most perfect place where Divine Light enters you. And hold it there, for it is always yours … as it always was.


© 2016 Doctor Karin Luise