What Is Serving You?

Where are you today? I encourage you to take several moments of silence at different points in your day to check in with yourself – your body, mind, heart and spirit. They need your attention and get a little bit of a tune up when you tune in.

Personally, I am in a place where I am making major shifts regarding old thinking and getting rid of those things and thoughts that no longer serve me – specifically fear and shame. Call it a ‘cleaning house’ kind of season. I am sure you can relate.

After much research and meditation on spiritual awareness and growth, I know one thing for sure: If something does not resonate with you on a level of JOY, PEACE or HOPE, it is not meant for you to carry any longer.


That means taking a real look at an uncomfortable feeling that arises, an object that you have held onto, a relationship that you have been struggling with, or a thought that is on a negative loop inside your head.

Ask yourself: What is this thing, thought, feeling or person doing for me – for my life?

Do you feel joy, peace or hope when you zero in on it, him or her? Or do you feel fear, shame, confusion or a stinging spit in your gut? There is your sign. There is your direction. Whatever is bringing you to a place of JOY is your spirit’s true residence, and those things are meant to reside WITH you. ALONGSIDE you for the journey.

If not, these things serve as mud puddles, pits of quicksand or stinging tar under your feet. Stopping you, keeping you constantly looking behind you, putting you in a place of fear or pain that stops you from moving in the direction that your spirit really wishes to travel.

Too much carry-on baggage.

The decision to hold onto them or release them is up to you. I am not saying this is easy – I know there is no magic wand to shake at a stinking old memory that keeps you trapped in resentment to make it go poof in 5 seconds or less.

But there IS a magic guidance system inside of you that can assist you in practicing life in a new way. A navigational system that urges you to pause, take a deep and purposeful breath and reflect on the service of this person, thought or thing in your life. Your spirit is mindful about seeing it for what it is – and is not – and it is trying to tell you with those emotional feelings that keep stirring. THEY are your spirit’s guidance system.

You can begin, day by day (like me), to start dismissing these things from having residence in your mind, in your house, in your life, or in your heart. You start each time by recognizing the feeling that the object, thought or person brings up for you, and acknowledging if it is serving your life’s good or not.


You just need to love yourself enough to honor your guidance system (your emotions) and give yourself permission to clear out those things, or people, that are not serving you in a positive way.

Then you can ask that each time it comes into your path to just to pass through, move on, or be gently removed from the shelves of your life. Each time you focus on releasing it, express gratitude for the lesson that was brought to you and release it, him or her with love.

Each time. Step by step. Start saying “thank-you and good-bye” and recreating a life for yourself that only gathers those things that encourage forward movement, feelings of peace and stirrings of joy in your deepest parts. It is there that you find a clearer passageway to your life’s purpose, as YOU have cleared the spaces for awesomebeautiful things.


© 2016 Doctor Karin Luise