Act On What You KNOW

“Act on what you KNOW, not on what you FEEL.”

I have been pondering these wise words all month and am letting them sink into my soul … and decision-making mind. This is an adage that I am learning to live by the older I get.

Can you relate?

As a therapist, I know that the Rip-Roaring Right Brain operates by way of processing feelings, creativity, imagination, beliefs, intuition … all of the colorful stuff that makes up art, philosophy & daydreams. LOVE the party in my right brain!On the other hand, the Logical Left Brain actually stops to compute thoughts by way of analysis & strategies, utilizing facts, figures, sequences & science … all of the rational knowledge that makes up mathematics, language, and order. I’m working on loving the Computer Conference in my left brain!

It is obvious why we need both parts working together, right? Well, the problem that occurs for most of us is the human emotional tendency to block out the rational processing of the left brain (practical!) and only give the fun fantasizing of the right brain (emotional!) the right of way to drive down the road to decision making. I am talking about the risk of making big choices based on Feelings rather than Facts … Big trouble …

Sound familiar?

It is a natural impulse to act before thinking because we gain the instant gratification of pleasure, a quick high, from the result of that decision. But did we stop for a minute to check the GPS system that our left brain was flashing at us, showing ‘Danger Up Ahead!’, or the radar showing a storm down the road, or perhaps that we were actually going east when the best way to our destination was west?

As you travel through this year, perhaps there is something important that you will need to tend to.  Maybe you are considering a major life decision that needs your full, logical attention. Perhaps you need to take a serious focus on an imminent change and want to be diligent about not making a rash, emotional decision before pushing the button on your answer.

What are you facing today, this week, this month?

Promise yourself that you will not only find the path to possibility and creativity by exclusively using your right brain, but you will also let the left brain sit in the driver’s seat for a turn and check all of the facts, signs and details … not only on the road up ahead of you, but also on the road behind you. Utilize the facts from the past to help you find your way.

Let old Lefty help you make the best decisions on mapping this season of your journey by stopping … pulling off the road and turning on your flashers for a few moments … and letting your decision-making methodology turn from lyrical to logical. And while you are seeking that logical support, stop and pray and check in with your spirit.  Ask for help from within to search and find the most important factors to find your way to this big decision.

Try to find your way out of the emotional roller coaster of life, and sit on the side, seeking clarity from your spirit into your mind. Don’t react, but act purposefully out of informed decision-making. Don’t let your emotions rule out what your KNOW to be true and what history might show.

Look at your patterns: what has worked, what has not worked, who is affected, and what does this mean for you in the long run? What is your impulse vs. what do you think is best for you when you really sit down and consider long term consequences? How will you feel 6 months from now after you have made your choice? What is the best for you and your family as time moves forward?

Perhaps, seek a new, smarter way of acting and living that makes sense.  Ask your Left Brain to fire away and remind you of the TRUTH, and as you pass it by your spirit, you will know if it is the best decision.  Don’t let your emotions get the best of you if something that you have done in the past has continuously not worked. Look at it with smart eyes.

Sit, think, examine.

Seek, pray, decide.

Focus on what you KNOW to be true. I proise, you will FEEL better about this down the road.

Wise, safe travels …

  1. Very nice.

  2. Whats amazing words…is this…I like it so much.

  3. This message seems to be sent to one who stands at a point being confused of choosing the right way of life, like me. Yes! Two decades have I passed by, being confused of identifying spiritual actions from the emotional ones, having so many destinations each of which dictating that mine is the best way of life.

    Let me now follow your advice; investigate my surrounding environment; try to find out the truth so that I’ll perhaps, be able to make a decision for the hereafter life of mine.

  4. Dear Dr. Karin, now you make me so confidnshal guy. I am involeved in sipritual life, and i am fasting since i worship Ethiopian Ortodox church are oblage to make a fast, i had now a week on the fast it reamen about 48days.

    To tell you my situation, i had go a little sum of maney from my auntes, and i made on that maney to find a good friend i invite a lot of guys. Than i discover them who are they? I conclud that some of them are bad,good,and few of them is best. Than i choose the good and best one then i call them on the phone and they also doing, and we take tea and coffee in cafe.

    Dr. Karin you said me that you will get a partener after 3 monthes later. I was investgeting on facebook but i couldn’t figure out, so is it possable to have engaged without deep commencation, since marrage need muchul undersanding in commencation.

    Dr. Karin you changed my whole life with God thank you a lot!!!

    • That is wonderful to hear! Thank you for letting me know that you are trying new things and having success. Yes, I do believe that we were created to connect personally with others and not only isolate ourselves with Internet relationships which have no personal contact. We need to look people in the eyes, share the air and hug those that we care about.
      Keep me posted on how things are going.
      Blessings of love to you,

  5. Basically I do agree on your idea Dr. Karin, but want to elaborate more in such a way: ‘Act on what you know, to find out the truth in all aspects of your life (spiritual and material). Based on the result of your findings, you then preferably express your feelings and not vice versa. In other words, your decision should base on knowledge and not on your feelings and the search for knowledge should also not be biased by your feelings, otherwise you may again end up in missing the truth’.

  6. A big advise

  7. Fantastic text keep it up.

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