The BOOM Happened to Me


I want to tell you about something extraordinary that has been happening in my life:

I have had a Spiritual Awakening. The BOOM has happened to me.

The road this past year has been one of the most difficult of my life, but in the trenches of challenge and loss, I found the most beautiful gift waiting on the edge of the journey: a new, vibrant awareness that has pushed my spirit into a richer place of understanding.

‘Waking Up’ means walking into the most Divine, loving light, and seeing things as an accepting observer. It means finally realizing that infinite purpose and love resides in each of us, for the greater good of ourselves and the other … which is nothing short of living in mind-blowing amazingness.

I have so much to share!

The moment you realize that you are a magnificent part of an infinite plan – existing inside layers, dimensions and cycles of life – you are forever changed. As one of my spiritual counselors said the day I realized what was happening, “Yep, you’ve been hit huge! Get ready, Karin, because there ain’t no getting’ off this horse!”

Thank God!

I mean that, truly. THANK GOD. Thank God I found that horse, jumped on, flew my arms back and said, “I am here! I surrender! I open up and ask for guidance. I ask for TRUTH, with no blinders on, about all that is around me, above me and inside of me. I want to see – hear – feel – understand my life. I am ready!”

Then BOOM.

It happened. Not overnight, but in a trickling of moments over days and weeks and months that have added up to one ginormous cosmic shift in my heart and soul. I could not wait any longer to start talking about it. I did not plan for this to happen, and no one is more surprised than me. But here I am, vulnerable, honest and wishing to share the miracle that is there for all of us.

Before awakening, I had no idea the gorgeous crack that would open up inside of me, exposing a beautiful shining space within my spirit, which has been aching to fill itself past the limits that I had contained it in before The BOOM. It pushed the edges of confusion and fear to the side and found a new opening in which to pour newly rich curiosity, understanding and awareness.

I know this is only the beginning, because I know there is no end. Here is some of what I have learned:

We inhale, exhale and walk through the same supernatural, life-giving mist of SourceLove as soon as we step out of bed. After cocooning us in our sleep, and speaking to us in our dreams, It sits up and walks with us into the glow of each new morning, hoping that we breathe it in deeply and follow its nudges, finding a way out of our heads and back into our hearts.

It swirls around us, asking to be noticed as each thought comes and goes … as each flicker of intuition enters and leaves … as chills rush down our sides in an emotional moment – giving us the reminder that we are never spiritually alone (yes, you are being touched).

SourceLove gives us signs, showing Itself to us in unsuspecting moments, wishing to be breathed in and understood as a Divine gift. Sourcelove is waiting for permission to pour wisdom, guidance and peace into the cracks of our souls. It is up to us whether we allow It in.

And that is exactly what I am doing because The BOOM cannot be contained. And it is AWESOME.


I’d love to hear from you if you are curious about spiritual awakening or willing to share about your own experiences. Leave a comment below and join me on this journey!


Here’s To Loving You …

Just want to check in with everyone and let you know that I am so sorry for my ‘leave of absence’ here on the website. I have missed writing with you, reflecting and being together on this journey.

Where have I been?

An average day … finishing a book chapter in carpool line.

I have been busy writing my book “Fatherless Daughters” with co-author, Denna Babul, which will be due to the publisher very soon. This has been a year when an intern, a wife, a mini-me and an assistant would have all been more useful than deodorant in August. Ew, right? But if you had been following me around lately, you would agree.

Juggling the book with 3 little kids, a crazy-and-wonderful-as-Grandma-Maxine dog and a persistent load of laundry that touches the ceiling on Sundays … I am just trying to get by (yes, I have spot-cleaned more hamper-pulled clothes for my kids just before school than anyone needs to know).

Thankfully, I have survived on meditation, prayer, old Oprah reruns, phone conversations with friends and time giggling in the bed with the kids after story time. (Okay, red wine & chocolate have been mixed in there too … I’m only human & need a break once and again.)

So I did squeeze in a weekend for a girls’ trip to LA - but I wrote during the daytime & needed the fresh air!

Somehow, I know you understand. The thing is with life, there is never truly enough time and space to tackle the entire opposing team. You have to put PRIORITIES around you and reserve your energy for what needs to be taken down first. Those people that love you will still be there when you get back. And those of us who love ourselves have learned to give ourselves permission to take things one tackle at a time.

So, for now, I’ll get back to the final chapters of the book, get the kids’ clothes out for school tomorrow and look forward to one more productive month of rewrites. After which …I intend on coming back to you full swing. I have so much to tell you!!

Psssst … A window into our book research: In our survey of over 1,000 fatherless women, more than half of them reported that their biggest fear in life is: NOT FEELING LOVED.

Boy, can we relate.

Here’s to loving you,

The Sea Speaks to the Soul … “Hold On”

Have you ever had nature speak to you? Have you ever gotten quiet, asked for a message, and sat still until she spoke inspiration into your soul?

Yep, me too.

I am at the beach for a few days with my family, hoping to soak in the sea’s peace and energy to gain some restoration from a very difficult summer. Life has brought a lot of loss and pain lately, and it has taken its toll on my spirit. My body is tired, my soul aches, and my heart is broken. Loss can pull us under for a time, leaving us searching for a stronghold to pull us back up toward the sun.

Looking for a needed escape for my spirit, I came to a place where I feel more like myself – the blessed beach.  I came with my family and arms filled with prayers for direction and peace … seeking a answers from a shoreline that I knew.

We headed to Tybee Island, off the coast of Georgia – a spot where my family held annual summer  reunions as a child. I came back to a happy place, although it had been 30 years since my last visit. We traveled from Atlanta to Savannah, and I finally saw what I’d been seeking: bridges. Bridges away from the heavy mainland onto an island of light breezes and wide open sunsets. I smiled as her familiar scenery began to pass by my window.

Crossing the bridges, we traveled over the welcoming green marshes … I felt myself exhale. Aaaaah, I am here. This is where I belong. Please, God, help me find something this weekend, help some healing to begin. Seeing the breezes rippling waves over the grasses as we entered the island, I finally saw the end of the road hit the shoreline in the distance.

The ocean. The life force of the world. I closed my eyes and smiled. The children cheered from the backseat as we found our way to a little vintage cottage just blocks from the beach.

Heaven (with mosquitos). Continue Reading…

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