You Were Meant to Feel HUGE with HAPPINESS

What makes you feel SMALL? Fear, anger, insecurity, bitterness.

They all make you shrink into a littler you by the moment.

What makes you feel BIG, MEANINGFUL … HUGE?? Gratitude, love, happiness.

Then why aren’t you filling up with it every moment that you can? I have an idea.

Let’s go back to your childhood, where you learned how to live:

Were you taught to listen to your heart and do things that made you happy? Did you learn how to put your own needs first and find joy by choosing it? Were you taught to listen to your inner guidance system to find that personal joy?

My guess is that your answers are mostly: “No.”

Most of us weren’t taught to seek personal joy first – because our parents were also not given the tools – or permission – to seek their own joy either. They were doing the best they could and taught you what they knew. If you want to know something that is different, that is HAPPIER, you have to undo old thought patterns first.

Most of us were not taught how to tune into our internal beacons and honor the call of our spirits as they try to guide us toward happiness. The majority of us were actually taught the opposite: to tune out our inner voices, and to tune into the needs of those around us … even to believe that suffering and sacrificing ourselves in a miserable life somehow makes us more holy.

To that, I say, “What?! NOooo!!! No. No. No! That could not be farther from the reason that you were created! You were meant to not only be happy, but to make it the top priority in your life! Happiness brings you closer to God, raised in spiritual awareness and more open to receiving blessings.” Awesome sauce, right?

You were created with an innate and beautiful desire to be happy. Think about how babies behave. They love everything about themselves! They love their bodies, free movement, and all of the sounds that come out of them. It is all fabulous! That was once you. You were full of wonder, believed you were perfect, and sought to bring joy into your being. This is the natural state of the human form: being present to full acceptance, openness and joy.

So where does it go? It gets teased away as the years pass by and we find ourselves feeling like little people in a big world – a world that has forgotten how to celebrate happiness. A world that has bound itself to the belief that victimhood, martyrdom and suffering are necessary. A world that shortens the experiences of happiness and the feelings of self-love, making us forget that we are HUGE, connected to God, an integral part of the ginormous Universe, and meant to feel HUGE with HAPPINESS. Continue Reading…

The BOOM Happened to Me


I want to tell you about something extraordinary that has been happening in my life:

I have had a Spiritual Awakening. The BOOM has happened to me.

The road this past year has been one of the most difficult of my life, but in the trenches of challenge and loss, I found the most beautiful gift waiting on the edge of the journey: a new, vibrant awareness that has pushed my spirit into a richer place of understanding.

‘Waking Up’ means walking into the most Divine, loving light, and seeing things as an accepting observer. It means finally realizing that infinite purpose and love resides in each of us, for the greater good of ourselves and the other … which is nothing short of living in mind-blowing amazingness.

I have so much to share!

The moment you realize that you are a magnificent part of an infinite plan – existing inside layers, dimensions and cycles of life – you are forever changed. As one of my spiritual counselors said the day I realized what was happening, “Yep, you’ve been hit huge! Get ready, Karin, because there ain’t no getting’ off this horse!”

Thank God!

I mean that, truly. THANK GOD. Thank God I found that horse, jumped on, flew my arms back and said, “I am here! I surrender! I open up and ask for guidance. I ask for TRUTH, with no blinders on, about all that is around me, above me and inside of me. I want to see – hear – feel – understand my life. I am ready!”

Then BOOM. Continue Reading…

Here’s To Loving You …

Just want to check in with everyone and let you know that I am so sorry for my ‘leave of absence’ here on the website. I have missed writing with you, reflecting and being together on this journey.

Where have I been?

An average day … finishing a book chapter in carpool line.

I have been busy writing my book “Fatherless Daughters” with co-author, Denna Babul, which will be due to the publisher very soon. This has been a year when an intern, a wife, a mini-me and an assistant would have all been more useful than deodorant in August. Ew, right? But if you had been following me around lately, you would agree.

Juggling the book with 3 little kids, a crazy-and-wonderful-as-Grandma-Maxine dog and a persistent load of laundry that touches the ceiling on Sundays … I am just trying to get by (yes, I have spot-cleaned more hamper-pulled clothes for my kids just before school than anyone needs to know).

Thankfully, I have survived on meditation, prayer, old Oprah reruns, phone conversations with friends and time giggling in the bed with the kids after story time. (Okay, red wine & chocolate have been mixed in there too … I’m only human & need a break once and again.)

So I did squeeze in a weekend for a girls’ trip to LA - but I wrote during the daytime & needed the fresh air!

Somehow, I know you understand. The thing is with life, there is never truly enough time and space to tackle the entire opposing team. You have to put PRIORITIES around you and reserve your energy for what needs to be taken down first. Those people that love you will still be there when you get back. And those of us who love ourselves have learned to give ourselves permission to take things one tackle at a time.

So, for now, I’ll get back to the final chapters of the book, get the kids’ clothes out for school tomorrow and look forward to one more productive month of rewrites. After which …I intend on coming back to you full swing. I have so much to tell you!!

Psssst … A window into our book research: In our survey of over 1,000 fatherless women, more than half of them reported that their biggest fear in life is: NOT FEELING LOVED.

Boy, can we relate.

Here’s to loving you,

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